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  1. I use 1-1/2 mostly because its the most versatile tube size. It fits scaff rigs as well as most construction fittings. And JD is right, its much stronger. Having said that, if I had to choose the perfect tube diameter for rigging cars it would be 1-1/4. It is more than strong enough and is more streamlined. I just cant be bothered spending all that money in getting a whole second set of fittings and tubes.
  2. Sorry. Cannot seem to upload the picture
  3. This is a similar rig with a glass jar hard mounted to the camera which is suspended on a bungee rig so the actor is free to interact with a weightless jar and a camera that will be hard mounted to the jar
  4. A technocrane (or other brand of telescopic crane ) would be my first choice. Otherwise a regular crane on track. A 3 foot slider is barely any offset on long dolly shots. Other options could be a stabilised head on a dolly minus the track.
  5. You are looking to attempt a hood mount type of shot on a car that has no hood. Trust me when I say this is better attempted by someone with experience. Losing your camera is one problem. A far bigger one is hurting or killing someone with a camera / rig flying off a car. I am guessing you plan to drive this car on public roads with no lock down ?
  6. Hire someone who knows how to rig cameras. Its cheaper than buying a new camera.
  7. I will take one the next time I am at my truck. But its pretty straightforward.
  8. JD's method is how I do it. Its easy to make and very easy to find the size you want and access it.
  9. Ive built a few body cams over the years, if thats what you are looking for. what is it you want to know ?
  10. Dont use wax on the track ... apart from that I think you've got it all covered. Good luck
  11. Pneumatics are tried and tested. They work really well. I have heard reports of good foam filled tyres, but Ive never ever had a good experience with them. They get mushy when its hot, they lose shape and when its cold, they may as well be made of wood.
  12. Pneumatic for sure. There is no comparison. Buy once. If you buy foam you will buy twice :-)
  13. You can get any silicon rubber mould release spray. Zep is just one brand.
  14. What do you need to know ? I own a PeeWee and Hybrid. There is no assembly needed except to put a riser on if needed or low mode. Platforms, seats etc. If you don't know the basics I would highly recommend you meet with someone at the rental house to take you through it. You could hurt yourself or someone else.
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