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  1. Hey guys! I've finished my latest showreel, I would love to have some constructive criticism from you! Thanks!
  2. I actually agree with everything you touched upon If I could reedit the short I would probably get rid of the first 8 minutes or so, remove most of the voice over etc. They say you learn from your mistakes, who knows :) Thanks for the constructive feedback!
  3. Hi! Last year I've shot a short film called Memories of a Hitman. Shot on a tight budget of 8000 euro's with a skeleton crew over here in Belgium, very fun experience! Would like anyone thoughts on it! Thanks in advance
  4. Needed to put a password up for the film festivals, it's gone now, Thanks!
  5. Thank you! for two close up's we did use the canon 50mm 1.4. thank you!
  6. Thanks! The grading was done by Juan Melara (http://juanmelara.com.au/)
  7. Thank you! This was mostly shot on the Tokina 11-16, because of the horrible crop factor of the Blackmagic 2.5K camera Thanks, yeah the production design was the most intense part of this project.
  8. I heard this poem years ago, it got stuck in my head and just wouldn't let go, so years later I finally got this project realised... What dou you think guys?
  9. Hello, A test of the 50D Raw option recreating a Memento scene.
  10. Hey, This is a clip I did for school about one of the seven deadly sins, Pride. The whole concept is "pride comes before the fall"
  11. I don't think of RED or Alexa as a newbie camera. Just look at the price of those two. I myself bought a Canon t3i a year ago and pimped up with a rig, mattebox and so on, i'am happy with it. Some things bother me more after a year using it, like the crappy h264 codec for example.( it's really a pain i the ass, in post) But it remains a good learning tool, untill you get to the next level. But, being in your position now, I would go for the Black Magic Camera for sure, and if the money isn't an issue, go for Alexa or Red, can't go wrong there.
  12. Yeah, I see it as an opportunity to work with more advanced lenses, and the rental is 135 euros for a set of 3 of them for four days, so a good deal I think?
  13. Looking at the videos from 7d it's indeed very hard to see any quality improvement in the image.
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