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  1. Hi Guys, Always shot and assisted with Digital need some help and guidance. Is there any film beginner links? Difference between 2 perf vs 3 perf vs 4 perf. I know about saving space on the negative. Silly question also is when choosing the perf do you frame in camera then tell the post guys how does it all work? How easy is it to exposure film through the viewfinder? rely on your meter? Thanks Sorry if these seem basic question just need guidance :)
  2. Yup. I am interested in Negative vs Film reversal and all info about that. and 2 perf vs 3perf etc. Many thanks for your reply
  3. "Something that also helps me, is to calibrate the lens to a longer minimum focus distance as some lenses have a lot of barrel for those shorter focus distances, I'll usually set it to 3 ft. or something as long as I'm sure the subject would safely never get that close to the camera." Doug could you explain this. Yeah i had to do some steadicam work and wireless follow focus. Do you mark the disc with every foot on the lens shown?/ I find it difficult to nail focus sometimes. Thanks
  4. Yeah i have looked at that course. Would love to find a good dvd for lighting basics too etc.
  5. Stephen i agree with you with warrior loved the run and gun cinematography and the intensity of it. The colour palette was great too. I havent seen tree of life yet.. is it really outstanding? i love chivo's work. I think Drive is amazing and has beautiful cinematography especially in the car garage when he finds his friend..... won't spoil it, but it has a lovely colour of deep yellow and rays of sun flagged looked soo good. Super 8 was great anamorphic loads but loved it.. made me feel young again. But for me the Warrior and Drive. Alexa performed well only camera i think th
  6. keith hamley


    Hey, Just needed some advice really. Doing a few shoots upcoming and using a wireless follow focus. I just wanted to have some tips regarding how to use them efficiently, how to do steaadicam moves. Also when pulling focus whilst a tracking shot going into a subject, how to you keep constant focus more so at t2.8 or shallower? As i have seen some many done professional and looks great. Any tips, or just measure things by the subject i.e tree and go off that regarding your marks or measure your lens distances for example if your lens shows 10-5-2ft and labell these on a disc. Th
  7. Hey all, Where can i find info about film, film stock, loading film etc. I have a digital background. I know basic such as negative and reversal. But only basic where is a good resource online to learn from or any videos thanks :)
  8. Hey, Is there a Lens comparison chart anywhere of SLR lenses and Cine Lenses. Advantages and Disadvantages. Would be very useful :)
  9. What is meant by ISO BASE SENSITIVITY. They say like f3 or c300 iso base sensitivity of 800.
  10. Hi All, I work as a 2nd ac but DP my own projects. I want to be more skilled in lighting. I want to really take a course in the UK. Also is there any DVDS you recommend. I understanding lighting its just controlling and using light meters etc AND lighting continuity. Thanks
  11. Hey all, First post on here. I am a Camera Assistant just starting out mainly experience with digital. However i want to learn film. Is the course at the NFTS. 16mm /35mm worth it? Also how do i achieve the freelance rate? Many Thanks Keith
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