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  1. Hey guys, I need to test my Moviecam compact 3perf first week of February and I was wondering how can I get someone to DP my six page short and where do I find one?! I live in Las Vegas Nv and besides Instagram I have no other social media. So since it’s shooting on film and very specific camera how can I get the word out to get experienced hood DP it is probably one full day shoot. Inside of this 50’s diner here in vegas and location is secured. Suggestion of stock and lenses would be appreciated as well. Trying to keep soft warm and kind of 80’s look. Story takes place in80’s thanks
  2. Hey folks I spoke to mr Brown personally from Kodak and he said he is not aware of any price increases. I shoot film only and I would be bummed if they increase it but he said that prices are the same
  3. Hey Robin, I do have Moviecam 3perf already. This Arri 4perf is something I would buy from a friend and convert to 2perf to save money on stock.
  4. He seems to be legit. He is showing his work on his Instagram stories periodically I contacted him and he said conversation would cost $2k out of the door. Plus shipping from St. Petersburg
  5. Lorenzo thank you so much for sharing this info. I have already got in touch with the gentleman 🙏🏽
  6. I live In Las Vegas NV. Thank you for your suggestion and swift reply Dom
  7. Hey people I would like to know if there is a place where I can send my camera and convert from 4 perf to 2 perf?
  8. Hey Dom thank you so much for your reply and I will find out tomorrow the latest from Alan Gordon if they can at least tell me what is the specs on my camera cables etc, so that I can give you a better understanding of what exactly I have and that way you might be able to precisely tell me what is that I can do to build the battery once again thanks for this info marco
  9. Hey guys if anyone could help me with specifications for Moviecam Compact 35mm camera batterie, cause I bought package from Alan Gordon and batteries were not included. Now I have to either buy one that is perfect fit or build one but I need perfect specs cause guys that sold me camera package said it’s “reversed polarity” something and that I need to be careful not to burn motor. I know it’s 24V battery need but the rest of the specs no clue. Ive been trying desperately to get specs from Alan Gordon guys but no luck. They never called back and I need to test the camera now. many thanks Marco Montenegro
  10. Sure. Hre is my username and feel free to hit me up. marconivegas
  11. I appreciate your response. Are you familiar with Sony Vegas pro 13?And if so, in "render as" settings, which one would you choose and what changes should be made in advanced settings, cause default settings, are not very accurate? Many thanks Mr Greene
  12. Well, it will go through some color correcting, and i need to have some file that i can convert into DCP, and send it to festivals. So to answer your second question. Yes, it will go to big screen.
  13. I shoot my films on super 16mm, and i get them scanned on Lasergraphic scanner. Scaned file is .mov 4:2:2 . Now, when i am editing those files, in Sony Vegas 13 in windows 7. i still have trouble understanding what is the best way to render final product. I was usually doing MPEG-2, and friend who said to do coloring for me, uses MAC, and he wasnt even familiar with all those extensions Windows has to offer. So he mentioned H.246 but i would still like more opinions. Thank You
  14. Hello there guys, i am attaching email i got back from telecine guy, talking about "pressure exposure" here is part of that email: "First I looked at that roll over a light box. The surface of the negative looks spotless. No dirt, no scratches. BUT, if I look THROUGH the film, I can see a faint double mark, running on the left side of frame, about 1/3 of the way in from the edge. Next, I looked at the video transfer. What I'm seeing, is pressure exposure. Film is sensitive to pressure as well as light. The higher the speed of the film (ISO), the greater the sensitivity to pressure. This roll was 7219, so it's 500 ISO - very sensitive to pressure." It is great that he took his time, to give me idea on my transferred stock, but i am still confused what is the pressure exposure, what affects it, and any way that someone in simple lingo, can explain me about it. I have about 10 rolls of 500T, i am planning to use, so i just want to be sure what i am doing, Many thanks, Marco Montenegro
  15. Guys i have Aaton LTR, do you know who can do video tap for me, and what is the price range i can expect?! Many thanks
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