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  1. Looking for a Canon K35 50mm or 55mm T1.3 single lens. Please PM or Email me.
  2. By the OP's definition of "gritty" from the screenshots, all you have to do is: lower color temperature (more greens) increase contrast and crush blacks you CAN desaturate, although its not necessary (screenshot #2 doesnt really look too desaturated). easiest way to get grain is underexpose the shots, and increase ISO in post the night shot (last screenshot) relies more on on-set effects (i.e. lighting/exposure) rather than post-production color grade. You definitely don't need a several million dollar budget to achieve "gritty." Now, on the other hand, exposing and grading something like Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN I would say requires some skill and $$$.
  3. Hi guys, My first post here. Wanted to bring this thread up from the past. I am in the process of acquiring some wide-angle Samcine glass in BNCR, which seems to be rebuilt Canon 14mm primes. I don't have much experience with rebuilt glass, let alone Samcine, but I am hoping the image quality organic yet still sharp. I know it probably won't be Master Prime sharp, but was wondering if anyone had experience on this glass - how does it compare/contrast to newer glass like MPs? Conversely, how does it compare to older cine glass like Canon K-35s? Thanks much Yousuf
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