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  1. Or Try this link to Flikr:- https://www.flickr.com/photos/165176070@N04/
  2. HI, Just wondering how I edit my post once it is submitted? Thanks Jem
  3. Hi All, I am selling my Preston Remote focus / iris / zoom system, it has been with me for 7 years and is totally bomb proof, over time I have added a lot of extra cables brackets and also a single channel MDR and focus /Iris handset as well as the Radio Microforce system, Selling for US $ 12,000 or best offer, Thanks for looking, Pics below with descriptions. email me on jem.58@icloud or Whatts App +27 (0) 828583044 Thanks Jem H U 2 with Omnishot Sony Battery Adapter (not shown), F / I Unit, Radio Microforce Unit, Digital Microforce, MDR2 With PV style Bracket & Single Channel MDR, All G3.. Batteries, Chargers and Omnishot Sony Adapter Plate.. Brackets & MDR V Lock 19mm Plate.. Cable Iris System.. DM 1 Motors x 3 with PV Iris and Zoom pitch gears (1 in for service at P V Cape Town).. Zoom Cables inc 2 x Y cables for Pan Handle system 1 long and 1 short.. Serial Cable with Adapter.. Reducing collets and original Preston motor Rods.. Single Channel MDR Power and Command Cables.. Data Cable.. MDR 2 Power Cables Std Arri 3 pin RS x 3 plus Dtap and 3 Pin XLR 24 volt cable.. Command Cables, Arri, x 2, Red, PV & Moviecam.. Radio Microforce Handset Cable.. Focus Motor Cables inc, 3 x Standard, 2 x Mid and 1 x 6 foot , 1 x 20’.. Handset Dust / Rain Cover.. Back Pack System for MDR and Sidekick etc with Anton Bauer Gold Mount for power with 20’ 2 x Motor / Command & Power cables.. Focus Discs, 31 x HU2 Discs and 14 x F / I Handset Discs.. Case, Bottom Compartment.. Case, Upper Compartment.. Case Complete 1.. Case View 1.. Case View 2.. 1 x HU3 Handset to Cinelink power and 2 x HU2 Handset to Cinelink Power. Pictures on Steadicam Group as I am having trouble posting pics via the forum https://web.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10157139167823664&set=pcb.10156133496341629&type=3&ifg=1&__tn__=HH-R&eid=ARBK-tmGLxXC-lcr_dFQwkr_k0dA03sfhvl7Tf2ITX83iaq_udoDao_jHhdpy0FWvRSA8_9XglfQfGg7
  4. Hi All, Am thinking of selling my Boxx Transmitter Receiver System, just posting this to get a feel for the possible interest in it. they are a bigger option but incredibly bomb proof over long distances Many Thanks Jem
  5. Hey Dennis, Would you be willing to split the HU3 and MDR? I have an MDR2 already just looking for a HU3 Thanks Jem
  6. I Forgot to include the single channel MDR in the listing.
  7. HI All, I'm thinking of selling my Preston system but would like some advice from the market place on it's value. It is a MDR2 HU2 G3 System with Digital Micro Force, 3 x DM1 Motors a Preston Focus / Iris Handset G3 and also a Preston Wireless Microforce Zoom Control Also G3, Still has the original Iris Hardwire control and cable as well 2 x custom made, 1 x long and 1 x short Zoom Y Cables for panhandle use as well as 2 x Panhandle brackets, 1 O Connor Style and one Panavision multi adjustable style It has 32 Focus Discs a whole array of cables for focus etc as well as many various bracket options and MDR Mounting solutions, Also a Back Pack system for the MDR that powers from any Anton Bauer Gold Mount Battery along with a 10' 2 x Motor and Command Cable Loom The Handset has the Sony Battery Conversion and there are 5 small Sony 2 Medium and 2 x Large Sony Batterys as well as 2 x Sony Double smart Chargers and an assortment of aftermarket chargers as well All in a large Pelican style Case. As you can see it is quite a substantial kit and has served me well for many years. Please email me on jem.58@icloud.com if you can help Thanks Jem Jem Rayner J&J Film Services +27 (0) 82 8583 044 http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0713465/ jem.58@icloud.com
  8. Thanks All, Have found one now, complete with Single channel MDR thus completing my G3 system, Cheers Jem
  9. Hi All, I am looking for a Preston Focus / Iris Handset Please email me on jem.58@icloud.com if anyone has a unit for sale, Many Thanks Jem
  10. Hi I would love to see some pics if you have, also is it compatible with the Alexa XT in built WRs system ? Thanks Jem jemjr58@gmail.com
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