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  1. Hi, I am looking for SxS Pro expresscards in either 64 or 128Gb sizes. Also looking for a USB 2 card Expressreader such as the Sony SBAC-US20. Paypal a must. I am located in Paris, France. If the cards/reader are coming from outside the EU, a very low value must be declared on them so that I don't incur import duties. PM me here. Cheers, Clayton
  2. Hi, I am looking to purchase an Alexa Classic. Must have: - Low hours (less than 1500 hours). - Highspeed license - Ability to do at least 2k internally and Arriraw externally. - Full working order, no issues. Willng to pay up to $8K all in (including any taxes, fees and shipping) depending on the camera. (dealers beware, I will not pay more) Paypal or other secure forms of payment for both buyer and seller a must. I am located in Europe and a solution must be found if importing from outside to not incur import duties. PM me here. Cheers, Clayton
  3. Hi, Just as the title says. I want to trade a Schneider 6.6x6.6 Tru-Pol for the same in 5.65x5.65. Circular not linear. Mine is clean and has no scratches, yours must be too. Located in Europe Paypal a must in order for this transaction to fly. We charge each other for the same amount. (Ok so we each lose 3% to Paypal) If I don't have any offers then I will just put it up for sale. Email me at: yoclayton@live.com. Cheers, Clayton
  4. Hi, I am on the lookout for a Cooke 20-100 in Europe. Preferably with a PL mount and a lens collar/support. Even better if it is in good shape and/or has been serviced recently. Purchase by Paypal only. I am located in Paris, France. Please email me at: yoclayton@live.com Thanks!
  5. Hi, I had purchased a Cooke 20-100 from a seller in Denmark. Unfortunately, he packaged the lens in a very poor manner and the lens was fatally damaged during shipment. So I am on the lookout for another one. Preferably already with a PL mount and a lens support. If it has been serviced recently even better. I am located in Europe (Paris, France), so if one should be available elsewhere (like the US), we would need to find a way to get it to me without incurring excessive import duties. I have Paypal and have 100% positive feedback on more than 160 transactions on ebay. You can contact me at the following address: throwback2550@hotmail.com Thanks in advance. Clayton
  6. On the lookout for either of these follow focus sets. With the O'Connor O'Focus, if you have both Cine and Photo wheels, even better. I am based in Paris, France, but get back to the US occasionally as well. you can email me at: throwback2550@hotmail.com Cheers, Clayton
  7. Hi, I am looking to put together a set of Zeiss Compact Primes, preferably in EF mount. If you have a full set, even better Preferred CP'2's: 15mm T2.9 21mm T2.9 25mm T2.1 28mm T2.1 35mm T1.5 50mm T1.5 85mm T1.5 I am located in Paris, France, but do get back to the US occasionally. Cheers, Clayton
  8. I have an opportunity to pick up a clean set of these 5 lenses for $12.8K for use with my Sony PMW F3. I know they are external focusing and even the focus ring moves forward, as well as being big beasts. Great bokeh and no breathing that I can see. But the price seems very interesting. Any other opinions ? Trying to see if it would be wiser to go with either Duclos Zeiss ZF.2's or Compact Primes instead, as I own a Canon 5D Mark III and often have shoots where we are mixing RED, my Sony PMW F3 and DSLR's. One thing purchasing would mean, would be to find a more solid follow focus and a matte box with a large enough rear opening. Chrosziel provides a package for dealing with the barreling issue: http://www.chrosziel...&wpid=115&sid=0 However, the matte box is reported to be cheap and easy to crack and I am wondering about that follow focus compared to O'Connor and ARRI, being that it starts to fall into the same price range. I still shoot a lot of DSLR though too, so I have been looking at the O'Connor DM with both photo and Cine wheels, but ARRI remains the standard as usual. I really need/like the idea of different transmission ratios depending on whether I am using photo or cine lenses. Any other contenders out there for mixed gear / transmission ratios at a less expensive price point?
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