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  1. Hello all, I have two Bolex SBM 16mm Cameras available for purchase. Both are in excellent condition. Bolex SBM SN#352318 13x Red Dot Viewfinder Charcoal Hammered Powercoated body Immaculate condition Bolex SBM SN#301485 10x Viewfinder Very clean; well maintained Additional items are available (*pictured on Bolex SBM #301485) Bayonet to C-Mount adapter ring Angenieux 17-68 F2.2 Type L2 C-Mount Feel free to send me a dm or reach out via email aari.creative@gmail.com Best, Aaron Hi Res photo here - https://app.frame.io/presentations/1589a933-d67e-43e1-b01c-91d94789a813 *Additional photos available.
  2. For Sale 1000' Factory Sealed FUJICOLOR NEGATIVE FILM Fuji Eterna 500 35mm Type 8573 email : aaronmikilrich@gmail.com or dm Properly stored in a cool dry place. Setting a new standard for motion picture film, this high-speed (E.I. 500) color negative film achieves ultra-fine grain, natural skin tones, and outstanding gray balance. Dramatically improved grain produces natural results for even the most sophisticated studio work, including digital processing and computer graphics treatments. This film’s subtle expressive power and ability to capture extensive detail enable the creator to bring imagination to life. Smoothly. Naturally. Beautifully. Discover ETERNA 500.
  3. If you live in the Cleveland or Columbus and have a Super 16 camera package let me know. I'm always on the lookout to use s16 on my projects. Feel free to reach out! aari.creative@gmail.com
  4. Hi, I'm looking for an Aaton Super 16mm camera for sale in the US. Can be a camera package, or a barebones camera and a couple mags. Any model, LTR, XTR, etc Thanks! - Aaron Rich Feel free to reach me at aari.creative@gmail.com
  5. I'm looking to purchase an AATON XTR Super 16mm Camera Package in the month of October. Reply via this forum, DM or email at aaronmikilrich@gmail.com Thanks, Aaron
  6. Looking to snag one at a good price! email : aaron@goscenic.tv
  7. Looking to purchase an ARRI 416 s16mm camera. Email or private message me. Send photos of camera with brief details to : e : aaronmikilrich@gmail.com Thank you!
  8. AATON A-Minima PL Super16mm Camera Package Includes A-Minima PL body 3x 200' A-Minima Magazines 5x A-Minima 200' spools Nikon Mount Batteries Flight Case In great working condition. Well taken care of! Located : Nashville, TN Price : $2,300 + 3% paypal fee Shipping : $50 via Fed Ex ground Email : aaronmikilrich@gmail.com for additional information and more hi-rez pictures.
  9. Satsuki, so sorry to hear about this! It's so frustrating and slightly dis-heartening to have troubles in time of needing the camera to perform. The read out I'm getting, is in fact "MOV" (no typo.) Reading through the Moviecam Super America manual it's short for movement which as you said, isn't directly mentioned in the SL manual. I've been on the road on another gig since the day of posting, so I have had no chance to dive into this at any capacity. I'm home tomorrow and will be back on this issue on Monday. I'll stay current on this forum. I hope some of the suggestions made here are the solution to both of our needs. Thank you to all who have offered your expertise and advice, it is much appreciated!
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