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  1. absolutely - in other words, changing the shutter angle to eliminate the roll bar, and re-expose accordingly. Of course, in a shop, various lights may have different operating frequencies and you may see flickers and banding across a huge range of speeds
  2. Yes, the taped loose black cloth is a quick and easy fix that works when you don't have a studio ceiling. If one has a pre-light day, an effective method to increase the effectiveness is to wet the cloth, crumple it badly, like keep it crumpled under some weight for a couple of hours, and then letting it dry out without stretching it... That hardens in the crush, and makes it more effective at absorbing the spills and bounce, just like a diffuser or baffles for sound
  3. For the wedding teaser, that was the look intended. However, point duly noted. Thank you :) Keen to hear more from other members
  4. Hi, Please take a look at my some of my work. Technical as well as creative feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Tanul https://vimeo.com/114125050 https://vimeo.com/153612386
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