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  1. Hello I have some spare 16mm gates for this old Telecine and I thought it would be cool to try to customise one for R8 or S8. Is there anybody out there that can reveal the tricks in accomplishing this? :) Many thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks for that update Chris. Film is a hard habit to break :rolleyes: Any new lab prospect would be glorious!
  3. I think they were the last lab in Australasia offering prints. I don't know about the Jane Campion movie :unsure:
  4. Heartbreaking news as Park Road Post is shutting it's lab in late June of 2013, effectively ending film in NZ. I can't see myself sending my film overseas for processing :(
  5. My guess is 250D Fuji Or Kodak.. is there anyone who can suggest some tips? Thanks :) Harry
  6. Can't find an example of anyone doing so? Is it possible? :)
  7. Hi everyone! I would like to know what anamorphic lenses (aside from the rare Bolex ones) can be fit to a Bolex? Are any of the Sankor/Kowa/ISCO ok? There seems to be alot of stuff to know and I feel like it's going over my head :wacko: Before I spend a fare bit on some lenses that prove not workable, could someone please name a few and the alterations needed? Thanks alot Harry
  8. No insult taken at all. I should have been clearer with my info :)
  9. Great post! Thanks! I searched high and low for ASA adjustments like you mentioned :)
  10. I was the Rank Cintel operator :rolleyes: Sorry I should have mentioned that. Yes no professional would send out a transfer like that. I have access to a Rank Cintel and though the grading panel is quite old, I could not grade out the blue tint. I had to finish it in an NLE. I have not seen any other color negative film (with a blue cast) play through that machine. The correct colors are in the pic below :)
  11. I did a scan on a photo neg scanner and the colors were correct! So the Rank Cintel is the culprit! I will try the transfer again :rolleyes:
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