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  1. Hello again, David, I´m sorry but our scanner is a frame by frame scanner designed and built by us, you will not find one of this there, basically the secret is a good tranport system, an excellent lens and a really good 3 CCDs HD sensor, these things plus some electronic controls, a good monitor, a wave form monitor a vectorscope and a good and experienced operator, that´s all :) About the post you can find several software that can do the work (Nuke, Avisynth, etc) For this video we used Neat Video and Premiere, it works well in post, but the important thing is the quality of the sca
  2. Sorry, I don´t know why but in my precedent post don´t appear the links for the videos in Vimeo I try to send again: Super 8 50D "Minimal 21-La mare absent"
  3. Hello, First I´d like to introduce myself, my name is José Luis Sanz and I´m the owner of Ochoypico ( www.ochoypico.com ) My English is not very good but I think you all will be able to understand me We have scanned theSuper 8 Vision 3 50D film fom José Luis Villar I first want to thank the words and interest about the quality of our work. It makes me feel very proud that some of you could think that the images are not telecine of Super 8 film I write here because JL Villar has asked me to clarify here the reasons why you see the white border in the left side of the
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