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  1. Hello again, David, I´m sorry but our scanner is a frame by frame scanner designed and built by us, you will not find one of this there, basically the secret is a good tranport system, an excellent lens and a really good 3 CCDs HD sensor, these things plus some electronic controls, a good monitor, a wave form monitor a vectorscope and a good and experienced operator, that´s all :) About the post you can find several software that can do the work (Nuke, Avisynth, etc) For this video we used Neat Video and Premiere, it works well in post, but the important thing is the quality of the scan, you need a good picture for getting the best in post The scan should be real HD with a lot of resolution but without any electronic detail added. Also the color resolution is important too (forget about sensors with Bayern color filter). A HD 10 bit uncompressed file is enough, I have not tryed 2k or 4k yet, but I don´t think this could be better Ah! A good film stock, camera and lab and good cameraman also helps ;)
  2. Sorry, I don´t know why but in my precedent post don´t appear the links for the videos in Vimeo I try to send again: Super 8 50D "Minimal 21-La mare absent"
  3. Hello, First I´d like to introduce myself, my name is José Luis Sanz and I´m the owner of Ochoypico ( www.ochoypico.com ) My English is not very good but I think you all will be able to understand me We have scanned theSuper 8 Vision 3 50D film fom José Luis Villar I first want to thank the words and interest about the quality of our work. It makes me feel very proud that some of you could think that the images are not telecine of Super 8 film I write here because JL Villar has asked me to clarify here the reasons why you see the white border in the left side of the frame. The reason is very simple: that is a black mask under the scan gate, the mask is not in the same plane than the film so you see the mask out of focus, that is the reason you can see the perf partially degraded. Obviously in the negative scan that black mask is seen white You can see other examples of our work here: url="http://ochoypico.com/super8-telecine-english/?cat=5"]http://ochoypico.com/super8-telecine-english/?cat=5[/url If you look at the video named "Minimal 21-La mare absent" (also here ) you can clearly see what I mean, even at the begining after the white leader you can see some frames with transparent film in the scan gate. This film was S8 Kodachrome Other info: The white spots you can see in the film are courtesy of Andec. We do not offer negative cleaning service and this film was scanned as came from the laboratory, it came without special cleaning or prep for telecine In our scan system we can control light, color, gamma, detail, noise, etc, So, here we made some correction for all this parameters, In this case we made minimal correction because the DOP wanted to test this emulsion without correction. We can offer a whole correction, but professional clients usually want a "raw" file and later they give the final look in post (as in this case made José Luis Villar joseluisvillar.es ). With a good 10 bit 4:2:2 1080 scan you can make wonderful things in post. And Vision 3 50D is a very fine grain and beautiful film Any other question I´ll be glad to answer, but, please be patient, work don´t let me too much free time for looking at the forum, you can also contact me at info@ochoypico.com Regards José Luis Sanz
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