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  1. We plan to offer a handheld brushless stabilizer soon for cameras up to 5 kg, like the C300 or Red Epic. It's using similar brushless technology as the Evo Head or the Freefly Movi. There’ll also be a smaller version for cameras around 2 kg and a larger one for cameras up to 10 kg. The mid sized version is the most advanced in the moment but the others might follow in one or two months. We have first prototypes to test and improve step by step and plan to add small joysticks to the handles for better control of pan and tilt if one operator controls the head alone. Another way of operating the head is by two persons, one holding the head and leading it in position and the other controlling pan and tilt by a wireless remote control. For more information, upgrades and videos you might visit our website http://www.portahead.de. Andreas Kielb
  2. Imagine the MöVi or a similar device on a shot of this kind (starting 1:45 min): Soy Cuba is from 1964 but still a classic with extraordinary shots.The camera was handheld and passed from one operator to another or connected to the cablecam trollies ascending from street level, through the building and at the other side again on a cablecam and above the street. Thogether there were two flights with a cablecam system and the system was connected with a magnet to the trollies for fast coupling. I would use carabiners for higher saftey and together with my cablecam I can imagine to get something like this done. The stabilized third axis would also help on the cablecam to point the camera correctly and beeing stabilized like in the MöVi video. Here is some additional information about the movie: http://www.rogerdeakins.com/forum2/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=850 I also develop a brushless gimbal of this kind so I might be a little overexcited about it... ______________________ www.andreaskielb.de
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