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  1. Hey guys i had Come across and old collection of lenses from the original owner after months of searching for the fabled lenses . the lenses Include Nippon Scope 28mm 2.8 Kova 50 mm Kova 50 Mm Kova 75 MM Technovison lomo sqarefront 50 Technovison lomo sqarefront 50 Technovison lomo sqarefront 50 Technovison lomo sqarefront 35 Technovison lomo sqarefront 35 Offers welcome planning on keeping a set of kovas and a pair of the lomos as i have the roundfronts in my rental inventory message for any info https://photos.app.goo.gl/6LnPu3ibrxMCRTLUA
  2. I worked with a Turkish Dp named Burak Turan on a job in sirlanka where he had brought over his Elite S7 Anamorphics and he had requested a normal 2x Pl Extender from the local rental house ( our camera gear was coming from India ) but to my Surprise the normal Century I think 2x adapter Worked Perfectly Throughout the 5 days of shooting all over the county it did cut a lot of the light dino banks were used even indoors 😉 but yes it works one thing to watch out for is that certain adaptors might hit certain lenses due to flange distances
  3. Hey we are a rental house in Pakistan looking to clear some gear we can ship the camera anywhere we have 2 sets of working condition 435s with all the mags/boxes and other things wanted to see if there is any interest is so will attach pics
  4. I have 2 435s avail with all the kit but here in Pakistan I could ship it over if you don't find one
  5. hey guys im a dop from Karachi , I also rn a rental house with mini LFs / minis anamorphic and all the fun primes check our Instagram @ studio146rentals and https://www.filminginpakistan.com for more info on ammar ul haq
  6. hey if you are still intersetedd I found a few sets of rare lenses
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