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  1. HIGH CAPACITY SHOCK ABSORBING ARM Compatible with all DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras, and larger professional camera setups. Brand new Tilta Hydra Alien Car Mounting system, photos on request, Can also supply proof of purchase. Asking $1100 USD contact @ stewartwhelan@mac.com (1) Dovetail Plate L1 for Hydra Alien (HDA-T02-L1) (1) Dovetail Plate L2 for Hydra Alien (HDA-T02-L2) (1) Dovetail Plate L3 for Hydra Alien (HDA-T02-L3) (1) Dovetail Plate L4 for Hydra Alien (HDA-T02-L4) (1) Dovetail Connector Plate for Hydra Alien (HDA-T02-DCP) (1) Large Suction Cup for Hydra Alien (HDA-T02-LSC) (2) Small Suction Cup for Hydra Alien (HDA-T02-SSC) (1) Shock Absorbing Arm with Hydraulic Damping Pole for Hydra Alien (HDA-T02-SAA) (1) 90 Degree Adapter for Shock Absorbing Head for Hydra Alien (HDA-T02-ASA) (1) Shock Absorbing Head for Hydra Alien (HDA-T02-SAH) (1) Power Supply Base Plate for RS 2 with power cable (TGA-PBP) (1) Dual Battery Plate Support Bracket for Hydra Alien (HDA-T02-DPS) (1 x 10-piece set) Cable Clamp Suction Cup for for Hydra Alien (HDA-T02-CSC) (1) Tool Kit for Hydra Alien (HDA-T02-TK) (1) Safety Belt (219-000000-089) (2) V-Mount Battery Plate for Hydra Alien (HDA-T02-BP-V) (1) Car Mounting Hard Shell Waterproof Safety Case for Hydra Alien (HDA-T02-WSC)
  2. ALEXA PLUS CAMERA Serial 2773 & 2728 Handle Extension Block (HEB-2) Viewfinder Extension Bracket VEB-3 Steadicam Low Mode Plate Shoulder Pad (SP-4) 3 x 64GB SxS cards BP-13 Bridge Plate + Spare BP-13 Bottom Plate 300mm / 12" ALEXA PLUS MODULE ALEXA SXS MODULE ALEXA EVF-1 VIEWFINDER ScatterBOX2x Configuration: MOVIN ON Module (2) 3pin 24v Fischer, (2) 2pin 12v Lemo, (2) 2.5A USB, (1) Remote, V-Lock INPUT, V-Lock OUTPUT BAB-G BATT ADPT BACK-GOLD MT EVFVIEWFN CBL MEDIUM ARRI SD CARD EVF VIEWFN CABL SHORT CENTER CAMERA HANDLE VIEWFINDER MNTNG BRCKT VMB-1 VIEWFNDR ORIENTABLE ARM HEB-2 HANDLE EXTENSION BRACKET TURRET PLUG PL MOUNT ARRI-POWER 24V W-LCS ANTENNA ALEXA CAMERA CASE Arri Internal Filter Module Filter set includes FSND 0.3, 0.6, 0.9, 1.2, 1.5,1.8, 2.1, 2.4 Internal Filter Module (IFM-1) Set Asking $11K USD per camera kit Contact stewartwhelan@mac.com
  3. 'm selling my Kessler Shuttle Pod & 8ft of track Revolution Head, camera control module & two Oracle controllers + 1 x 500 series Motor, 2 x 12V batteries. + 1516 Pelican case Used only once (bought for one production, ending up not using it). Mint condition. $4800.00 Amazing for motion time lapse contact: stewartwhelan@mac.com for pictures
  4. NEW PRICE $60K US DOLLARS + 5 x 32GB SxS Cards
  5. yes, it has the 15mm spacing & is the MKII version Stewart
  6. Alexa camera body serial 3627 Alexa SxS option Pro Res Codec Option ASD-1 Arri SD Card EVF-1 Electronic Viewfinder BAT-V Batt ADPT Back V mount VMB-2 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket VIC-030 VF Interface CBL 30cm VEB-1 Viewfinder Ext Bracket VIC-100 VF Interface CBL 100cm Alexa Ethernet Cable KC 153-S Alexa 12V Access Cable KC 154 WA-1 Wedge Adapter BPA-1 Bridge Plate Adapter LB-1 Leveling Block SP-3 Shoulder Pad CCH-1 Centre Camera Handle HEB-2 Handle Extension Bracket Bridgeplate Top BP-13 Asking $62K US Dollars Email me for pictures and more details stewartwhelan@mac.com
  7. Arri MB-20 Matte Box MB-20 Side Flags + Top Flag 2 x 4x5.6 Filter trays 1 x 138mm Insert ring This Matte Box is in perfect condition, used only for one job, no marks are scratches. Asking $4500 USD
  8. Arri Alexa for sale, a complete package. The camera has 1100hours + arri extended warranty Sept 2013. I have been the only owner. Price $70K. For more info contact: stewartwhelan@mac.com email for more pictures. Alexa EV Camera Body 1 Alexa SXS Option 1 Pro Res Codec Option 1 Quicktime File Format Option 1 S x S Pro Card 64GB 5 S x S Pro Card 32GB 4 EVF-1 Electronic Viewfinder 1 VMB-2 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket 1 VIC-030 VF Interface CBL 30cm 2 VEB-1 Viewfinder extension bracket 1 VIC-100 VF Interface CBL 1 Alexa Ethernet CBL 1 Alexa 12V Acc CBL 2 CBL 6' STRT 24V-3PIN 2 WA-1 Wedge Adaptor 1 BPA-1 Bridge Plate Adaptor 1 LB-1 Leveling Block 1 SP-3 Shoulder Pad 1 CCH-1 Centre Camera Handle 1 HEB-2 Handle Extension Bracket 1 Baseplate 12" 1 BAT-V Batt Adpt back F/V MT 1 Bridgeplate Top BP-13 1 Low Mode Support Set 1 High Speed Licence Key 1 ASD-1 Arri SD Card
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