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  1. Next dumb question, suggestions on where to send in the camera to get a look over and clean up? (thanks for all the suggestions so far everyone!) c
  2. The motor is either 8V (the fixed 24 fps motor) the others are two different kinds of variable speed motors that take 12V. At least that's that I assumed to the best of my ability; could the variable speed motors actually be 14v? And I don't have a way of checking the battery voltage other than what the output nob says on the v-mount- one for 8v and one for 12v. Can I ask a basic question... how would I do that, check the actual voltage from the battery? Thanks! C
  3. Hey all, I just bought a new Arri-s with a bayonet mount to replace my old Arri-s with three standard mounts. I re-wired a 12 volt battery -with a variable voltage connecting mount- to work with my old Arri and didn't have an issues. The new camera seems to have an issue on shots longer than 30 seconds. The frame rate starts to drop by about 1-5 frames per second as if the camera is struggling. I guess my questions are, 1. is this a motor, camera or battery connectivity issue? Is it something with the take up reel? Have any of you come across similar issues with the Arri-s? Is it fixable
  4. When used on the EBM Electric or with the ESM motors at 50fps, it can be a bit sluggish. Hey there Jean-Louis Seguin, I'm just wondering what you mean when you say the mm motor is a bit sluggish when run at 50 fps. Is it still workable, or does it totally throw off the light reading and make the film jump around. I'm working on a shot that's gonna be about 3 minutes long and we were hoping to shoot it at 50 fps with the mm take up motor. It doesn't have to be sound synch but it would be nice it the light was exposed evenly across the shot. What do you think? What about running t
  5. Hey there forum, I hope everyone is doing well. I'm about to start on an project fimling a improvasational Jazz band play on different remote locations around the southwest (nuclear test sites, Arches national park, the four corners...) exploring borders of music and landscape. Yeah, heady and wordy and easily put down but we're all super excited about it. The only thing left to do is buy the film. Does anyone have extra, old, expired, or whatever super 8 footage that I could buy off you? We'll take anything that is still processed in labs :) best carl
  6. Hey film community,. First off thanks for all the previous threds; they have proven extremly helpful. I got a question concerning the viewfinder for a Bolex Rex-5. I really want to attach an angle finder like this one here. I'm wondering if there was ever one made for the Bolex or if there is any kind of attchment mount for the rex-5 viewfinder to attach (through a converter?) the one I linked to. Any thoughts on getting something like this for my camera? best, carl
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