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  1. Us here in America still have about a week left until the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, so to everybody on the other side of the pond, what do you think of the movie?
  2. Or maybe black and yellow means Batman? By the way, the "issue" was resolved. He thought I was asking for the manufacturer when I was really asking for the exact lenses. So then he told me he was using mostly C- and E-Series lenses modified to his specs by Dan Sasaki.
  3. http://twitpic.com/e1qkbe I asked Larry Fong what lenses and film stock he's using for Batman vs Superman and he told me to look in the photo...but I can't see ANYTHING!!!
  4. I wholeheartedly agree, and not just because it's a superhero movie and I just so happen to love superhero movies (and hope to one day direct one if I'm lucky) but because Zack Snyder and Amir Mokri and co. did something DIFFERENT with the visual look of this film. As far as I can remember, this is the first ENTIRELY handheld superhero film (not counting green screen and maybe a handful of crane shots) Mokri also chose to shoot with one stock (IMDB lists the film as having used Vision3 5219) and mostly with a 100mm lens (which considering it was anamorphic is more like a spherical 50mm)
  5. It was graded that way because the filmmakers wanted the colors to be very muted. It wouldn't have achieved the same effect had they kept the colors normal looking or over saturated them. You can still tell it's film by the grain and of course the lack of clipping in the highlights as per usual.
  6. I wonder if it's something that will be rented out after production of Ep.'s 7-9 are completed or just left in a museum to rot.
  7. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OmaI1nInDOs I'm pumped for this movie.
  8. Because they are more gullible to marketing, unlike most professionals in the film industry who test and work with the real thing first to know the difference.
  9. What is "Full-Frame 35mm"? Wouldn't that already be Super 35?
  10. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ubGpDoyJvmI
  11. Call me old school but that's why I still rent physical copies from Redbox
  12. Now that I can understand. But the majority of people don't download indie films.
  13. -_- I shall express my thoughts by way of a meme...
  14. If he had shot on film, would he have shot Super 35 or Anamorphic?
  15. I loved it. Makes me want to see the original. I know, I know. "How did you not see the original?" Well, my local FYE isn't the best with keeping up with older films that aren't Terminator or Titanic. Did they actually use anamorphic lenses for the few shots in this film that feature anamorphic flares? I know the movie was shot mostly on the Arri Alexa with spherical Primos but while I know you shouldn't always trust them, iMDB says that they used G-Series lenses on one of the shots that used Epic.
  16. I've never worked with either film or digital cinema cameras or really any piece of professional filmmaking equipment of any kind, but in my personal opinion, there should always be an analog, physical say to capture and store picture and sound. Because while it can be easily destroyed, it can't be deleted or corrupted. If poorly kept it can become damaged and unusable, but it wont glitch and break down. The preservation of analog mediums while in storage is dependent on US. If we store it correctly and use the right procedures from keeping anything bad from happening to it, it will survive. But digital mediums have a life of their own. And one glitch or one press of a key and your movie is gone for good.
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