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  1. I asked the same Thing to Mr. Mullen some time ago in the REDuser Forums. But i forgot to mention the 1.3x hawk's back then. I think they do have a good Portion of the anamorphic look. Not as strong as the normal hawks or Panavision or even older Glass like Ultrascopes and Lomo's. But it's stere. The bokeh that is. And if you try hard enough even the flares (i was actually surprised how well the Hawks flared, having their anamorphic element in the middle). I doubt anamorphic 3D will be used that much in the near future, due to the more complicated use and the resulting costs mr. mullen mentioned. Im waiting to see how well the new ARRI/Zeiss anamorphics perform though.
  2. Thanks Saba! I think you can get These technovision Cookes from Panavision now too.
  3. The Arriscopes interest me a lot since i never had a Chance to get my Hand on those. Did you have a Chance to find out how they perform in General when compared to other anamorphics yet? I wonder if they are similar to any anamorphic thats out there.
  4. Hi, there are many great examples of anamorphic films. A couple of my favourites (to Show the anamoprhic look) are e.g: "Apocalypse now" ,"Conan" (1982), shot with Todd AO lenses, maybe "Star Trek- into darkness" (2013) as an modern alternative.
  5. ....Hard one, but i go with these for now: 1.Roger Deakins 2.Darius khondji 3.Emanuel Lubezki 4.Wally pfister 5.Dariusz Wolski
  6. Interesting topic. I do think that IMAX is the ultimate Resolution to a shrinking amount of audiences. If Cinema really has to fight against home-Cinema again, the only Chance i can think of right now, is to be bigger and more immersive. Huge stuff like IMAX is pretty good for that.
  7. Chris Husz

    Anamorphic 3D ?

    Hi! i was wondering, why it is not possible to shoot witch anamorphic lenses in native 3D (or why no movie was shot that way as of yet)? In a older statement by J.J. Abrams, i read that "you can't shoot anamorphic in 3D". I have no idea if this is true, so excuse me if this question is silly. That is the article And then i found this article from last year, about Cameron/Pace and Vantage GmbH (makers of Hawk lenses), developing a "anamorphic 3d les-system" together. CLICK MEEEE ...Not that i would plan to shoot that way, i haven't touched a proper camera in years. Just out of couriositiy THanx in advance to everyone. cheers, ChRiS
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