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  1. You could try taking the bulbs out. Tim Gill
  2. thanks matthew! that was the intention. i hope to use it in this way again. i'm glad you enjoyed it. Ram. Thank you! the frame rates varied between 500 and 1500 fps....depending on the shots needs. much of the human action tended toward the slower.
  3. thanks, Mitch! That means a lot coming from you, sir. tim gill
  4. hey guys...this is a music video that i recently shot and directed. just wanted to share and get some feedback. Working with the Phantom was a truly amazing experience. thanks, tim gill
  5. Here's a link to a teaser for a music video that i shot and directed. It was shot entirely on the Phantom v641 which was fresh out of the box. an amazing camera and an amazing experience. i'd appreciate any feedback. tim gill http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFxq-empSnI&feature=feedu
  6. Here's a teaser for a music video that i shot and directed. it was shot entirely on the new Phantom v641. i'd love some feedback. My Brother's Keeper Teaser - Jefferson Fox
  7. Amateur question....can someone please help me understand the differences between sd lenses and hd lenses. can i use an sd lens on and hd camera...and will there be a noticable difference in quality? thanks tim
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