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  1. I saw this in Dolby Cinema and also IMAX 3D. I really enjoyed both viewings as they have different strengths, however, I was able to appreciate the cinematography better in Dolby. Still very much in the style that Spielberg and Kaminski have created for their futuristic sci-fi stories. I did notice a moody yet slightly cleaner image for the live-action footage than in recent years. For these shots throughout the movie I imagine Kaminski is using a filter that is similar to a net or stocking with strong diffusion but none of the artifacts that is inherent with netting a lens. The result is a cleaner, beautifully soft image with great contrast and strong stylistic blooming. Here is a still from the movie where the alleged filter is causing a light to flare. To me this doesn't look like a typical lens flare. Any thoughts?
  2. I purchased the Alien Anthology blu-ray last year in anticipation for Alien Covenant. Having never seen the fourth film in the franchise and after watching Alien 3, I wasn't expecting much from Alien Resurrection. To my surprise I really enjoyed the movie! Darius' work on the film in particular was amazing! I have read a bit about the techniques he used to achieve the look for the film, from the VariCon filter to the ENR process. I would love to learn more about these techniques as well as the lighting and any diffusion he may have used to achieve the look, particularly for Sigourney Weaver who practically glowed in every scene. The film has a very stylized high contrast glow that I immediately fell in love with. The images are extremely high contrast while managing to render faces beautifully creamy. The creaminess may in part come from the Panavision Primo lenses. However, what type of lighting, diffusion, or filters were used to create the glow or halation in the practical lights used on set, particularly in the basketball scene?
  3. I'm not going to sit here and say they don't use auto-tune on this show. It is a big production and they are going for a very polished look. But even in the trailer the voices do not sound unnatural. That still sounded like Katharine McPhee not some singing robot. To me, what is fairly obvious is that all vocals on the show are pre-recorded. Auto-tune is a trendy word right now, it is the new 'photoshop' or 'lip-sinc'. If auto-tune is used on the show, it is used appropriately for a more polished sound, not to create talent where there is none. I will just say that throughout the whole season I never found it distracting. That's not to say I can't hear auto-tune when it is used. I could not sit through a season of this:
  4. LOL I think I can spot it just fine, I know what it sounds like having grown up with many examples of it in modern music and tv shows like Glee. 'Smash' the Anti-'Glee'?
  5. There is singing talent on the show Phil! From what I hear, Katharine McPhee was a contestant on American Idol and Megan Hilty is a real Broadway star. I haven't heard any blaring use of auto-tune on the show just the usual lip syncing which is how I assume most film/tv musicals and music videos are shot. I would love to see live performances recorded for the show, now that would be a feat!
  6. I recorded the show off a digital tuner on my pc through windows media center and then just grabbed my favorite shots using the print screen button ^_^. I'll go ahead and plug the Mohu Leaf HDTV antenna that i recently bought. I get all the biggest networks free in glorious HD.
  7. I recorded every episode and then last night while writing my post, picked out my favorite shots! I loved these scenes in the show so much I wanted to share them with all of you. I appreciate that David takes the time to answer everyone's questions, so it was worth the effort :) I have to disagree about the flat look of the show. Flat to me would mean that the show was lit from every angle like most sitcoms but what David has done is very cinematic and theatrical. I think those shots I have posted up are great examples of that. Some of those scenes used very dramatic lighting and the use of smoke and filters helped diffuse that light so there was no need for a fill light, as David pointed out. I loved the lighting transitions on the show, especially the one with Ivy in the hotel room, elaborate cross fades of light in combination with camera movement must be difficult to pull off. Very theatrical but works well and really sells the story. I love that shot of Karen/Marilyn and Tom, I think I literally squeeked when I first watched the scene haha! I love net diffusion and punchy back lighting through smoke. It reminded me of one of my favorite shots in A.I. ^_^. That Bollywood scene was incredibly intricate and very well done! Smash really has been fun to watch and I hope it gets picked up for a second season.
  8. I have finished the 1st season of Smash. Congratulations to everyone involved! That show has drama! The final episode "Bombshell" was filled with so much tension and frenzy. I loved the scenes with Julia and Tom, their confrontation and then writing the final segment. The writing and performances were incendiary, it was dramatic and incredibly funny respectively. Overall, this first season was fun to watch, getting Uma Thurman was a treat. Although, I would have loved to see Madonna or Gwen Stefani play Rebecca Duvall over a 3 episode arc but the script called for a movie star not a singer. I also liked the rivalry between Karen and Ivy throughout the season. In the beginning, I would have been happy to see Karen upstage Ivy because I didn't much care for Ivy's personality/ruthless ambition. As the season progressed I saw both their strengths and weaknesses. Musical television shows are quite rare and thanks to Glee it has opened the doors for shows like Smash. I myself am not a Gleek but Smash has taken that recipe and spiced it up, what that high school show was missing was a little more class ;) Smash is a more mature show and thankfully - with one exception (Michael Swift singing to Julia on the steps of her brownstone) the songs did not take me out of the story but instead enriched the show. In fact, the songs were so good they are worthy of a real Broadway musical! The cinematography was also key in keeping me in the story. The location, staging, and lighting were essential to the show and beautifully executed. A look back at some of my favorite shots from this season of SMASH (DP: M. David Mullen). David I would love to know what were some of your favorite experiences on the show? Also I was intrigued by the scene with Debra Messing outside in the rain (shot shown above) what was your technique? P.S.. Just wanted to say I loved the few times I saw the use of nets on the show ^_^!
  9. SMASH - I just finished watching the pilot and the first few episodes to get caught up. It looks amazing and I was ecstatic to catch David's name in the credits! I hadn't checked into the forum for over a month and was out of the loop. The advertisements for it during the Superbowl really peaked my interest especially with Angelica Houston and Mr. Spielberg's name attached to it. I was even more thrilled after watching the first two episodes to see the quality of work and great story telling AND THEN to catch M. David Mullen in the credits! Haha Congratulations, David! The show has interesting characters and a great story set around creating a Marilyn musical. What a great premise, and for the show to be actually shot in NYC, I can actually see myself anticipating a trip to New York with some friends to see the Broadway Musical!
  10. I was blown away by the finale. It was a great send off and brought a real sense of closure to an epic story, ten years in the making. It was extremely statisfying in that it didn't feel like an ending but a beginning. There were so many great moments in the finale where each character got to have their poper send off. The moments in between moments, that Smallville is famous for, where no dialogue is said and the characters are allowed to just live. I loved the scene with Clark reading Lois' vows moving around them at the door in their apartment. And that theme continued, in one scene in particular at the Daily Planet when they were listening at the radio, the 360 degree sweep around all the commotion created from one beautiful master shot. The scene between Michael Rosenbaum and Tom Welling was epic, it felt great to see them jump right back into it. It felt right to have Lex back for the finale. The scene at the barn with Clark and his parents was touching and great to see. Chloe will always be my favorite thing to come out of Smallville. Allison Mack's perfomance was always so strong. She was the perfect sidekick and most loyal friend to Clark. The scene at the Fortress of Solitude was wonderfully cinematic. The last five minutes of the show were so absolutely perfect. The effects were all well executed. The scene with Chloe at the end, reading a bedtime story to her son was perfectly captured. The lighting evoking the magic of the late Geoffrey Unsworth. In their final scene it was great to see, Erica Durance and Tom Welling embrace Lois and Clark - the icons. The music, lighting, acting, and direction all came together one last time for the finale. It was epic! I couldn't have asked for anything better. Watching the finally was emotional and bitter sweet because it was like saying goodbye to a dear friend who had been part of my life for the past decade. With me through high school and college as I became a man and to finally see Smallville become a (super)man. As satisfied as I was with what I saw I want to thank the cast and crew again for an incredible jouney. I have a few questions for those behind the camera. I would love to hear Glen Winter discuss a few scenes from the finale since he was the director of photography for the entire 2-hour event. I would love to hear in particular his fondest memories and a bit about the last five minutes of the series, what was your inspiration and intentions for the look of this final episode? I also wondered why Clark was never shown in full costume other than in extreme close-ups or as CG in the extreme long shots? Was this a decision by Tom or by director Greg Beeman? I felt it would have been even more satisfing to see him, finally, in full costume not abscured by cut-aways or CG. I also would have loved to see more action shots toward the end or a close-up shot of Superman and the impending planet. All in all this has been an incredible show and I don't believe I will ever see or experience anything like it again. I will be proud to tell my kids that I was alive when this show was on the air. Thanks again to Tom Welling for embracing his role in front and behind the camera, without this the show's lasting legacy would not have been possible. And to all the cast and crew my deepest admiration and respect. THE MAN WHO HAS HELD IT ALL TOGETHER AND CARRIED IT ON HIS BACK ALL THESE YEARS - DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY GLEN WINTER!!!!!
  11. A beautifully lit cave, gorgeous Daily Planet interiors and a perfectly photographed cafe exterior were among many great shots in last week's episode "Prophecy". The 2-hour series Finale airs tonight at 8pm on the CW. Don't miss it! I would love to hear everyone's thoughts! http://twitpic.com/4wxbcc/full
  12. What is difference visually when using netting over the front or behind the lens? Do you know if popular cinematographers like Janusz Kaminski prefer one over the other. What technique for netting the lens do you prefer?
  13. I just watched this on blu-ray (Blade Runner: The Final Cut). First time seeing it ever and I thought it looked extraordinary! The attention to detail. Visually this movie is stunning to look at, I am glad the shots were held a bit longer so that I could enjoy and catch all the detail. It seems this movie has influenced many science fiction films since it's release. I think A.I. Artificial Intelligence and Minority Report (visually 2 of my favorite films) have adopted a similar taste for the future.
  14. Sorry to reply on such on old topic but I love that effect. I think it makes the image look so interesting and stylish! Does anyone know if Kaminski used nets behind the lens or on frames in front to achieve this look in films like War of the Worlds, Minority Report, A.I., etc? And will using veil netting from a fabric store be any different than stretching out a stocking? how will different color fabric/stocking effect the overall look of the image?
  15. Glen I posted a Smallville topic in the 'On Screen' section, please stop by. Thanks

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