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  1. Just wanted to share a video. My first one in tackling some Cinematography ideas and topics. I think I'll do a series of these. Looking for feedback on the value of this video for young filmmakers and DPs looking to apply their knowledge and new knowledge to their tool kit!
  2. Thanks Ali, it's a super cool topic that touches almost everyone today.
  3. Sorry screwed that up, Jeff was a programmer, he was lead software engineer Bill English was hardware. He built the mouse. They were the 2 top dogs under Doug
  4. Yeah it is! In fact the first one ever made. Built by Jeff Rulifson from Doug's invention! And that's the most basic thing he invented.
  5. Hi all, I had the pleasure of being the a Cinematographer for the bio doc on Douglas Engelbart. (The only reason you're typing on a computer is because of this guy!) Let me know your thoughts and questions. Thanks
  6. haha yeah no problem. I just now finally got around to fixing it lol
  7. Bruce, here it is. I actually changed it quite a bit. Let me know your thoughts, I decided to keep this reel for my Narrative work only and keep it as short as possible. Thanks for your feed back man.
  8. IT'S LIVE!!!!!! Check it out! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/davisilveira/focusmark-focus-pulling-tool-for-filmmakers Spread the word!
  9. FocusMark is here! First promo video leading up to our end of September Kickstarter launch. Check out the prototype, a glimpse of what is to come! We're excited to bring this reliable, quality filmmaking tool to you!
  10. Guys, Just got a website up, it's still a work in progress as far as look goes but it's coming along. Our Kickstarter will be up soon, we are based out of Seattle so if you're close by come on over. We would love to meet you and show you our product. www.sonderlux.com
  11. Jack, I have to give it up to you man! Incredible work! I have finally caught up a little on my project that started this whole post! Here is our facebook page guys, we are in Seattle and will be launching this pretty soon! Please comment, like, share! https://www.facebook.com/Sonderlux/ [/rl] FocusMark by sonderlux by Davi Silveira, on Flickr Sonar by sonderlux by Davi Silveira, on Flickr
  12. Frank, thanks man for the reply. Yeah I agree I may have gone a little too far. But dialing it back a little is easy to do. I will neutralize the blacks more, and yeah the idea is to lift the midtones while lowering the blacks, I introduced some blue into the mid's as well which spilled into the shadows. You have a good eye and I'm probably sloppy lol but yes I isolated the sky and made it bloom (trying to soften the transition of sky and other objects) but I actually removed this blooming cause it was too strong.
  13. AJ, Thanks, totally helps. I guess what I meant by "natural look, but better" is like when your TV was switched from SD to HDTV. That difference between the two is what I want. Something natural but obviously better in color, contrast, etc overall. Maybe a better way to explain it is I just want to enhance the natural look a little, keep it real not too crazy but with an edge of enhanced features. hahaha crap I don't know what I want but I really appreciate the help, this will be going to TV, and WEB. I have been working on a REC709 space. AJ, do you like the look personally or is too much or just right?? I know not all exterior shots match in color...
  14. Thanks Macks, I see what you mean on the first pick, it's too blue. Specially when compared to the rest, nothing was clipped when I shot it and it's all in RAW so I fix that hard highlight clipping, I wonder if my export setting could have an influence on my grade cause I thought it looked nicer in DaVinci but not as much now (I'm speaking about the highlights) Thanks again, Davi
  15. Hello, I'm trying to understand color in a more professional way. I'm a Cinematographer and not a Colorist but I enjoy color grading and I've done it for several year. (not paid) I am working on a big documentary and I was hoping to get some feed back on the look I pulled off. I got this look by converting my BMDfilm to LOG-C then applying the Arri LOG-C to REC709 LUT and used a reference image I liked from a feature film to fine tune the color and contrast. I think maybe I went too far... I don't want the Instagram look or candy pop look, I truly just wanted a look that was close to natural but a little better. Natural with an edge! Please let me know your thought I'd really appreciate it. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5wBk9P7iZUMcWRiWXBya3FZYUk Sincerely, Davi
  16. All things considering I'm very proud of this project. A lot of the lighting was done with augmenting practicals and natural light. Of course some Roger Deakins inspired diy strips of light with tungsten bulbs. Probably the best investment I made for this was buying some Insulfoam from Lowes as a bounce board. They have a silver side and a white foam side which is perfect. Plus a sheet of 11 feet by 4 feet was only $11 dollars! Please share your thoughts. Thanks
  17. Finished up a passion project. Short narrative, thought I'd share it guys. Shot on BMCC 2.5k w/Speedbooster and Sigma art 18-35 Lens. Shot Raw and graded in DaVinci Resolve. The story and idea is based on experimenting with the power of music.
  18. Best light on planet earth I have to say the very first thing that came to mind was the Sun! By far the best bang for your buck, best color, best light! Of course, this is just me and these are all just opinions. Davi Silveira www.davi-silveira.com Seattle, WA | Los Angeles | New York
  19. Jack! Holy Crap man, very cool. I started this topic and kind of left it but you sure have been busy! I work for a huge Lawfirm and they do a ton of startups and TechCrunch and so on. There is a ton to talk about, let's get in touch, please email me and we can discuss a few things on design pricing. I had a prototype built as well just not as far as yours but it was functional. Even switched from Ft to Meters. Go to my site and click on the contact button. www.davi-silveira.com Awesome work! Davi
  20. Bruce!! Wow, good to hear from you, It's been a long time! Thank you for the critique, I'll switch those clips out for sure. I have some better stuff I can replace them with as well. I always enjoyed reading your updates while you filmed in Russia! :) I never told you this but I learned a lot from you, even though we only briefly worked together on that short in LA with Vanessa. Cheers, Davi
  21. Alright, I followed your advice. The Trailer has now been cut to two minutes. It's my 'Narrative' cut. Let me know if you have any more thoughts. Thanks
  22. I know what you mean! Can't really trust anything till your chickens hatch. :)
  23. Thanks, I'll definitely take your comments into suggestions as we develop this product. Lots of new ideas and thoughts.
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