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  1. Exactly my thoughts, I know the lifespan of Arri cameras is much longer than most, just unsure where things will stand now that the 35 is going to be a go to for many productions.
  2. Hey Dan, Thanks for taking the time to reply. The goal would be to own for narrative work where there might be less available budget. I'm still relatively early in my career and want to maintain a certain quality standard even when on lower budget productions and direct funds to lenses. Hope that clarifies!
  3. Thanks for the advice! Both films are currently in post but here are some frame grabs from one I was allowed to grab stills from if you are interested. https://imgur.com/a/jYpGI0r
  4. Hello all! I've recently graduated film school and was lucky enough to land a full time commercial director job a few months after graduating. I've crunched the numbers and know I could realistically buy and own an Amira (accessories included) in the next 6 months. My only question is whether or not it's worth owning. For extra context I don't owe anything in student loans or have any debt. I've shot 2 features already both with Alexa cameras and really enjoy the workflow and color. Would love some advice from those further down the road. thanks!
  5. I recently shot a superhero film and was looking for feedback on the lighting/camerawork When filming, I was going for the style of something like "The Boys" more of a gritty look. Let me know if you think it works or if there's anything that could've made it better. https://imgur.com/a/xKSn29I Specs for those interested: Lit with: Arri Skypanels s60-c Arrisun 1.2K 8x8 Silk Frame Shot on: RED Weapon 8K
  6. Below is a link to stills from a recent film I worked on as DP. The film is a comedic coming-of-age type film It was shot on the Arri Alexa with Zeiss CP.2 lenses. Primarily lit with Skypanel S60s and Arrisun 1.2k HMI Let me know what you think! https://imgur.com/a/6sAQyL3
  7. Hello all! I'm a new member to this forum, I'm an undergrad student in LA and I recently wrapped shooting a new film just last week. One of the scenes I shot took place at an arcade, I was hoping to get feedback from other like-minded artists. What did you like? What are some things you would 've done differently in regards to lighting? If you have questions let me know! I'll be posting more stills in the coming weeks. Thanks. Link to stills https://imgur.com/a/hGzTWI2
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