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  1. Two mags sold. Revised package includes three mags, all three new from Arri. Two mag boxes included, not sure what happened to the third one. Correction: They were new in 2013 and have been used no more than three times each, probably just once, when I wanted to have a full box of film with me (5 x 400') in 2019.
  2. How much do you want for the 6mm? Thanks.
  3. Still available - here, or through the Devil's Auction Site.
  4. You can have the last word, Tyler, because I know you'll never be quiet if you don't.
  5. New to Me: Kodak Film Lab Atlanta does loan A-Minima spools. Spooling costs $15 per 400' roll of stock. There is a $10 rental charge per A-Minima spool and a $150 deposit is required per spool. I confirmed this 6/4/23. This is a good move for them. Good work, Kodak.
  6. Correction, the sample 200T film was shot as ASA 32, pulled one stop.
  7. A-Minima Film Sale I have two freezers full of film and my goal is to get down to one freezer before upcoming move. Therefore, I am selling some of my A-Minima stock. You can likely find a way to supply yourself with film at a lower cost, ie by using used spools or loaner spools. If that appeals to you, I suggest you pursue that option. The film below is all spooled on brand-new spools, either by Eastman Kodak at their factory, or by Wittner in their clean room. Film tension is correct, and film is dust-free. Prices are subject to change in the future. PM any questions. From Kodak Last Run ------------------- Stored -10F by me since new 20+ V3 250D 7207 Priced at $.60/foot + $79 for factory new spool = $199 Factory load from EK sealed in original 200' can with dark bag Purchased from DP in TX ----------------------- Freezer stored by DP until purchase in 2016 Stored -10F by me since purchase from DP 3 V3 500T 7217 Priced at $.60/foot + $79 for factory new spool = $199 8 V2 200T 7217 2 V2 100T 7212 4 V2 50D 7201 Priced at $.50/foot + $79 for factory new spool = $179 Test of TX film stocks, processed by Fotokem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uy2Z5svupbk 200T looks pretty neat when shot with 85ND.3 filter at ASA 50 and pulled one stop in lab, for instance (home movie) https://youtu.be/Sp9hEq6g86k?t=296 Spooled & Canned by Wittner --------------------------- Stored -10F by me since new In new 400' can with dark bag Spools obtained new directly from EK 5+ 7285 x 100' Wittner lubricoated & spooled for A-Minima 5+ 7285 x 200' Wittner lubricoated & spooled for A-Minima Priced at $.70/ft + $79 for new spool directly from EK 100' = $149 200' = $219 5 Orwo UN-54 x 200' Wittner spooled Priced at $.60/ft + $79 for new spool directly from EK 100' = $139 200' = $199 Note about 7285: This film was lubricoated (their term) by Wittner to facilitate running in A-Minima. Your A-Minima will likely require adjustment to work properly with this stock. Check with whomever services your A-Minima before buying. Here's a test film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPLbay7gShM Note about Orwo: I can't remember if this was lubricoated or not. I don't recall it being problematic to run in A-Minima. I do recall that Tri-X does not run well in A-Minima.
  8. This camera has never been a rental. It was owned by a Dusseldorf DP until I bought it. Camera was serviced by Arri Munich shortly before purchase. I've run probably 5k-10k' throught it. It functions perfectly, with no registration problems, gate weave, or noises. In a perfect world, I'd sell this camera this month, before I move. Send me your sane offers. If you want pictures, furnish your email address and I'll send them. 1 Arri 416 Plus Body 1 Arri Spherical Viefinder with regular eyecup1 Antenna for motor radio1 416 Integrated Video System - not sure if it's PAL or NTSC. I've always used it with the Arri monitor and Arri monitor cable1 ea Mini Monitor 3.5T NTSC/PAL K2.47817.0 1 ea Arri Monitor curly cord p/n unknown1 ea Monitor support elbow rod thingy2 ea Used 416 Shoulder Magazine 120/400 SHM-3, K2.55026.0 3 ea Barely Used - New 2015 - 416 Shoulder Magazine 120/400 SHM-3, K2.55026.0 1 ea 416 Low Mode Support Set (LMS-2) K2.55029.0 *1 ea 416 Shoulder Pad (SP-2), K2.55030.01 ea 416 Sled K4.65491.0, 19 mm * 1 ea 416 Accessory Plate K4.65492.0, 19 mm * 1 ea Base Plate K4.54362.0 *1 ea 416 Steadicam Plate, K2.55035.0 *1 ea LWS-5 light weight support with no rods0 ea Rods - no rods included* Identified part by reference to catalog. Possibly wrong1 ea Body Cap for Film Magazine port1 ea Body Cap for PL lens mount2 ea 416 On-board Battery Charger K2.66004.01 ea 416 On-board Battery (OBB-2) New 2015, Properly Maintained1 ea 416 On-board Battery (OBB-2) Purchased with camera, re-celled 2014, properly maintained1 ea 416 On-board Battery (OBB-2) Purchased with camera, re-celled 2019 by Ritter, properly maintained1 ea K5.66921.0 416 Shutter Tool New1 ea K5 26267 Aperture cleaner.1 ea Assorted mag stickers1 ea S16 Fiber Screen installed in camera1 ea K2.65118.0 Fiber screen new 1.85 with 1.33 tick marks1 ea Pelican 1630 (wheeled) to hold built camera. Accommodates long handgrip (not included), two OBB-2, mag on camera, 1 spare mag, dessicant packet.1 ea Pelican 1560 (wheeled) to hold 4 mags and charger(s) with crazy-expensive padded inserts.Note that cord shown in picture with batteries is not included. Lens is not included.
  9. A-Minima spools are flexible by design. * Spool sides must exert pressure against film pancake to prevent light leaks when the spool is "closed", ie not in the camera with the sprocket tires prying them open. * Spool sides must be able to be flexed open by the o-ring tires on sprockets which press against them. There is a ridge on the inside of each flange. Dragging the film through the ridges would wear/damage film edges, make noise, and potentially leave debris in film chamber. The sprockets/tires ride the chamfered flange of the spool sides and gently open the spool to allow film to exit/enter without contacting the ridges. If a spool is insufficiently flexible or insufficiently rigid, one of the above goals is not met. Spool sides seem to become more flexible the more they are used. The tabs that latch spool side to core eventually fail. Rough handling can break them on the first re-use. Kodak and Aaton likely devoted substantial effort to designing flanges with the correct amount of flex. Interesting that Kodak Atlanta and Colorlab loan spools. I'll have to check that out.
  10. I just discovered the best feature of this website - the "ignore" button, which filters specific users' messages. Life is good.
  11. Neat camera. Share film love responsibly.
  12. Clearly, you know nothing about the history or purpose of the Panavision litigation. My goal was specifically to draw Panavision into litigation so that a case could be decided to determine if trademark owners had preemptive rights to domain names. You should read a little before you flap your jaw. I'd suggest you start your research at http://www.toeppen.com/domains.html
  13. You fellows are hilarious, in an I'm a middle school teacher and you're a bunch of little middle school snots who amuse me kind of way.
  14. So we're going to talk about things other than Cinematography here? I'm not sure that's what this forum is for, although moderator inaction over posts like yours suggests that anything goes. My website is http://toeppen.com. I don't allocate much time to working on it. I used to be in the bus business until I got tired of the stress associated with transporting 120,000 passengers/year and dealing with dishonesty on the part of a small percentage (but large number) of them. Shortly before I walked away from that business, I got into a rather monumental pissing match with an Illinois politician who sought to ingratiate certain voters. I also created an ISP in 1995 that I sold in 2000. The ISP brought Internet access to about 16 towns in rural IL and had about 5500 subscribers when I sold it to a rival for an attractive price. I am one of the seminal traders of domain names, having recognized their value before most people had Internet access. I am a commercial-instrument-multiengine pilot with banner towing experience. I took classes at Second City in Chicago. I have five degrees. I tend to do something right or not do it. As a result of my education and experience I tend not to suffer fools lightly.
  15. I also have a handful of new spools that have never had film wound on them, in case anyone is seeking virgin spools.
  16. I'm going to leave this thread to the trolls and Cliff Clavins. Thanks to those who PM'd me with legitimate questions.
  17. I have no difficulty selling high-quality, dust-free film to those who value high-quality product. You simply are not my target market.
  18. Clearly a troll with nothing to contribute. Try using your shift key and punctuation. It will increase your credibility and people will think you are older and more mature than you actually are.
  19. https://www.ebay.com/itm/314594617672 These are single-use spools. They were purchased from EK with film on them, or they were obtained new from EK and loaded by Wittner. After film was used, they were placed back in film can and have not been used again. Let the idiotic claims regarding A-Minima s spools begin. Expect to hear the following: - Fotokem gives them away. False. This *was* true but Fotokem stopped being a consistent source of used A-Minima spools in about 2018. - You can 3d print them. False. Nobody has actually done this properly as far as I know. Kodak spools are carefully engineered to have just the right amount of flex - enough to allow film to clear flange when running in mag, not so stiff that they excessively wear the o-ring tires on the A-Minima that open the sheaves for film to exit, not so flexible that they don't stay closed and protect film when spool isn't in use. Talk is cheap. - You can use them over and over and over and over. False. The tabs in the center of the sheaves break after a few cycles, and sheaves get more and more flexible with passage of time and allow light to fog edges. Best case is maybe 4-8 uses. - Kodak will give you spools. False. Kodak has no spools. - Your lab will give you your spools back. True, but so what? You can't increase your spool inventory by just getting your spools back from the lab..
  20. Childish post does nothing to advance discussion. Why don't you head over to Reddit? You'll fit right in.
  21. You're talking about London? That has no relevance to me.
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