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  1. Selling the ”Hurt Locker” zoom Canon 11.5-138mm T2.5. Covers s16 crop on Alexa & Red. I have shot digital & 16mm film with it. Stays in focus through the whole zoom range. Chrosziel zoom damper included. Located in Finland, EU. Asking 2000EUR Contact elias@dumboe.com
  2. Selling my Arri 435 Xtreme with AVF-2 anamorphic/spherical viewfinder. Including two 400ft mags, RCU-1 and all the standard accessories. Perfect working condition, have shot several projects with it last year. I can send pics if interested. Located in EU, Finland. Asking 6000EUR Contact at elias@dumboe.com
  3. Easyrig with about 15kg capacity. Preferably in EU offers at eliasmarkkula@gmail.com
  4. aapo are you taping the top or under side of the GG?
  5. Hi, Found this old thread. Im wondering the same thing. Are you guys taping or drawing your own markings to the GG?
  6. For sale Arri SR super16mm camera. Super16 conversion by P+S Technik. PL mount. Including: 2x mags, 2x batteries + charger VSU variable speed unit 5-75fps Case Optar Illumina 12mm T1.3 lens. Bought from Alan gordon enterprises. In good condition. Price of the package: 2500e / offer Items in Finland, EU. I can send pics if you like, contact: elias@2kg.fi
  7. Do you think that they made the choice of shooting unfiltered because of lazyness?
  8. Hi, Robert Yeoman says in this article that they shot the whole film with vision3 200t stock and did not use any filtration besides an ND filter. http://www.studiodaily.com/2012/05/cinematographer-robert-yeoman-talks-super-16-style-on-moonrise-kingdom/ So it's good to shoot tungsten stocks in daylight without 85 filter and correct in post?
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