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  1. Mr David Mullens its always an honor and pleasure to hear from you. You are a wonderful and giving educator to the art of Cinematography. Can you give us all some insight on how cost effective this process would be with the advent of the DI. Andrew Wheeler's post showed just what i am after in terms of the dynamic range and breathtaking results that can be attained with the Techniscope process. Would you yourself consider shooting a feature in Techniscope being an accomplished Cinematographer? It would be awesome if you could share links as example's historic or otherwise
  2. Andrew Thank you so much for sharing.Loved the article. Can you share the trailer? This what I'm talking about Winter Light "is a wonderful example"
  3. Looking into shooting 2 perf with the Panaflex because there maybe many old gold panaflex camera's available for rent for low budget film productions. Along with the fact the camera runs the cleanest and is so quiet not to mention its simply the best system in the world with the best support. And with going to a DI its most likely a cost effective way to shoot film vs digital capture. Also if anyone is a friend of Vittorio Storaro, Aic, Asc it would be great to get his take on this. I understand he has shot 2 perf
  4. Ebay is the best place to find them Most times the sellers now think they are useless To get them calibrated search here for this topic Light meter calibrationI have a post there with contact info
  5. Spectra Cine, Inc. 3607 W. Magnolia Blvd. Burbank, CA 91505, U.S.A. Contact Jose Najar For calibrations and converting the Spectra Pro Classic P 251 to low light with new slides Quality Light Metric Co 7095 Hollywood Blvd Ste 550 Los Angeles, CA. Call them at (323) 467-2265
  6. Being that the question is which one...it would be Caleb Deschanel Asc. I met him while at the AFI in a seminar we visited at his office and had lunch once. He sent me to train with Garrett Brown on the Stedicam while I was living in Philadelphia also. So we sort of developed a kind of rapport. If I was able to choose another it would be David Mullens Asc as a great Cinematographer he has given so very much to teaching already at a young age and helping multitudes of aspiring DP's
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