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  1. I'm embarking on a one day shot for a teaser-trailer for an upcoming documentary in San Diego. I would like to work with a cinematographer who's able, fresh and talented, also able to think out of the box. The shot is going to be fairly easy (the longest time we'd spend interviewing one or two subjects) and I know what I want to achieve but some creative input, some courage, some inovation would help me a lot to tell the story in the most compelling visual way... He or she should also love the work more than money which does NOT mean he or she will not be paid a decent amount. (i.e. if you're coming, say, from L.A. the price would be worth your while)
  2. Alvin, it sucks they rejected you, but your attitude tells me it would not stop you at all, on the contrary :) What Mr. Mullen said is more important than it migh appear: your approach was comedic, therefore you may have thought a bit more about how to make each shot, each piece of puzzle more funnier, fresher, cutter, more suprising, like in his suggestions. I also think you were lucky for not having $$ to crash the BMW and "wake up" from a dream. IMHO it would have been a cliché, such an ending, too easy way out of the story. But you did achieve what good storytelling must do - your short engaged me, made me want to know what's going to happen next and, even, made me guess what would happen. Good luck with all that you do!
  3. Albeit not a cinematographer, I currently enjoy reading Painting With Light by John Alton. His life was almost as fascinating as his feverish devotion to pure art, sometimes best expressed via black and white images of his mastery of painting with light.
  4. That's the best piece of advice you could get. I might add - write what you know and care about. And yes, it should scare you :) Good luck.
  5. I love quite a silly movie, MISTRESS, by Barry Primus (often described as a low-rent version of Robert Altman's THE PLAYER) in which the filmmakers are forced to make numerous changes to accommodate $$ men every time any of them wants to put his own mistress into the film. At the end, the movie does not even resemble the original idea :)
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