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  1. Got a Tango II for sale. It's essentially brand new. Purchased, but never got it on any of my shows. Tested out at home once or twice. Asking $5,000 obo Thanks
  2. Hey I'm selling my Digital Bartech. It was serviced last year and haven't used it since. Looking to get $2300 for everything, but open to offers. Possibly interested in selling Heden Motor separately. If your in Los Angeles I'm available to show you item in person. Package includes:BFD Hand UnitBartech Receiver V2Heden Motor (m26ve) w/ multiple gears2x motor cables3x D-tap power cables2x 2-pin lemo power cables6x Aluminum Marking DiscsPortabrace Hardcase thanks
  3. This is the best AC pouch I've been able to find. It's the perfect size; bigger then the small AC pouches, but not as big as those Jumbo AC pouches. Has a great pocket for you flashlight and can fit all the pens/sharpies/slate markers you need with plenty of room left over. Mine has held up pretty well for the last 2 years. The belt is really comfortable and the padding helps it stay up on your hips. http://reyestoolpouch.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=62&product_id=84 https://www.thinktankphoto.com/collections/belts-and-harnesses/products/pro-speed-belt-v2
  4. Since you've worked with the HU3 I'd recomend not going with the older Analog Bartech if you go the Bartech route. Go with the Digital Bartech, its a solid option when you can't get a preston and the Digital Receiver is tiny and quite helpful for Movi/Ronins. For a single channel set up you can get everything you need for like $6k roughly. About $3k for the Hand Unit/Receiver and another $3k for a good motor and all the cables & marking discs. If you want a cheaper option to start with, you can get away with the Redrock Motor for like $700, so you can get up and running for like $4k or under. I'd recomend getting your motor cables from Preston though, they seem to be the most reliable and sturdiest from what I've seen. Find someone to make all your power cables too, you'll save some money and the cables that come from Bartech aren't very good. There's a ton of option out there, maybe some cheaper, but going with something with name recognition like Preston or Bartech will help you get the most money back on rentals from my experience.
  5. Do you happen to have an Anton Bauer TM4 for sale? Thanks
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