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  1. I'm thinking about investing in a set of these to pair with my BMCC 2.5k. They seem to have a pretty good reputation and I've seen them been used on a wide array of cameras from DSLRs to the ARRI Amira. From the stills I've seen, they look like they resolve really nicely. What do you guys think? I was originally interested in Nikkor Ai-S lenses, as I already own the 50 1.4. I think I'm torn between Nikkors and Zeiss Contax.
  2. Have any of you tested out this combination? I'm excited to be able to get my hands on the Alexa for the first time this year at school and I am set on renting out a set of anamorphic lenses for my thesis film. The only thing that concerns me is that I don't think my school owns the right Alexa model for the 4:3 mode. Will shooting in 16x9 still work out okay on this camera?
  3. Really excited cause I just ordered my first 16mm camera and I also bought the widened gate to install separately for S16. Wondering about how many of you have experience with this camera.... What lenses do you like to use on it? I would love to see your footage!
  4. Have you had any experience with the Roscoe Lite Pads? They look interesting but I'm not sure how bright they will be. I will need to light two actors.. it will be all handheld in the backseat mostly.
  5. Hey Kenny, I'll be using a set of Illumina's, with an aperture range of T1.3 to T16. I'm very curious about the LED lights. What kind of these would I grab and where? Shooting begins next month.. So I will need to figure all this out pretty soon.. I'll have to do some meter tests. I think those images you shot at the wedding hold up great! Thanks for the reply, Cheers
  6. Thanks for the input guys! Tyler I own a Rokinon 35mm and I think its pretty great for the price! I've heard them being compared to some Zeiss glass. Adrian, I notice on your website you own a set of OCT-19 Lomos. How do you like your primes? The Lomo anamorphic square fronts look beautiful. I love that sort of 80s film look you get with them, do you find you get a similar look with the primes? Of course without the anamorphic qualities.
  7. Hey guys, I was lucky enough to pickup the BMPCC on the Summer sale last year. As a student filmmaker and aspiring cinematographer, I love the camera so far. Its DR its stunning and I'm able to get an image somewhat close to S16 film. What I'm curious about is whether it's worth it to invest in a PL mount down the road for cine lenses. Cinema lenses can cost so much to personally own, though I have seen some deals online different places. Is it really worth the upgrade and will it make a huge difference in image quality ? Would it be smarter to save my money for renting out a higher quality cinema camera/package entirely for projects? I see a lot of guys going down the PL road and I'm just wondering...
  8. I'll be shooting my first year thesis film soon on the Arri SR2. Really excited to shoot on super 16! But I'm concerned for the lighting of my film... The premise of the story is a convenience store robbery gone wrong. It will feature shots of a car interior in evening light; how will the latitude of the film serve with the natural light? I will probably be routing for the high speed Kodak stock, we also have choice of a Fuji stock. If I could get access to the generator my program has, I may be able to setup some lights, but that is a slim chance since it is reserved for 2nd year students. How would you guys go about this situation? Would it be smarter to shoot in afternoon light?
  9. Well I mean I'll just have to continue practicing the craft, and continue learning. I know I want to get into the arts and I have drive for independent film
  10. Hmm, my other choice would be York, or Humber College. I imagine the Ryerson program has improved over the years, I can't afford the costs of a prestigious school in the states. I realize the business is a very competitive one, but school will be an important stepping stone no matter what. I don't expect to get work straight out of school, although don't students often receive work placements 3rd/4th year? I would be up for anything after film school, documentary, music videos, freelance work, weddings, anything I can get my hands on and anything that could give me valuable experience in the industry.
  11. Anyone have any experience with their film studies? I've heard its the best around Toronto and Its where I plan to do my studies. My focus being directing and cinematography. Any film makers from Toronto area?
  12. Thanks a lot guys, I appreciate it. I'm shooting with a Rokinon 35mm cine, you think that would cause problems? The image on the Black Magic is gorgeous for the price point, and I'd like to upgrade to something a little more tailored towards film making. And Tyler, the film look/feel thing is exactly what I want. I love the personality of the color, the grain, I would love a digital camera that could mimic that.
  13. Ah okay, thanks a lot Adrian. I still have some learning to do. Where exactly would the Black Magic be on the resolution scale then? Because I know the sensor is called a 'Super 16mm sensor'. Is this smaller then the T2i's? I'm concerned about crop factor too.
  14. So impressed with this thing from the footage I've seen. How are you guys enjoying it? You think it would it work well on a shoulder rig system? I'm interested in upgrading from my T2i.
  15. Hey guys, new to the forum here. I was wondering if you'd think an upgrade to the BMPCC from a beginner-level SLR like the T2i would be substantial. I'm a 17 year old film maker and would eventually like to upgrade as I'm shooting with a 35mm lens which was almost the cost of the camera body itself. I feel like I'm getting good images but I don't like the crop nor the high noise this camera can produce, especially when I get up and close to the footage in the cut. I know that the sensor on the Black Magic is super 16mm, is this the digital equivalent to the size on film?
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