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  1. Thanks David! Yeah they're one of the avenues i'm currently trying but understandably they're not looking to seperate movements from their kits... Still open to a full kit with 3-perf movement as well if anyone has a lead too. J
  2. Hey all, Fully aware of how long a shot this might be as I know people hold onto their movements like gold but... Just wondered if anyone might have a lead on a 3-perf movement (or 2 for that matter) for sale as a standalone? Any places or people that might steer me in the right direction are welcomed also but I have exhausted a number of channels already. Many thanks! J
  3. Great Tyler, i've just sent you a PM. Thanks! J
  4. Tyler sounds as if you scored yourself a rare deal! Definitely understand that 3 perf kits are few and far between, if I do find one I know i'll be holding onto it for a time to come. What i'm willing to spend really depends on what cameras are out there, I would consider parting ways with more for a kit I know will be flexible over time and be something I can throw on many projects without restriction. Was hoping someone might surface that perhaps has owned their own kit for a while but has decided to move on... :) But really just trying to get a sense of what is around. J
  5. Hi there, Looking to see if anyone out there is selling a 3-Perf 35mm package, not too particular about it being MOS or Sync but am just curious if anyone has anything they're looking to sell. Thanks! J
  6. Hi there Joe, A little late but just wondered if you're still selling this package? Best, Josh
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