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  1. Selling a used ARRI Alexa Mini package, inspected this month (01/22) at AbelCine and passed all quality control tests. Viewfinder was serviced this month at ARRI Blauvelt after MVF thumbwheel went down. Price is negotiable if certain accessories are dropped. Also interested in trading an additional full Mini Tilta cage for a Mini ARRI cage, if you are interested for sale - please DM or email - ma@greenwoodcine.com Buyer pays for shipping + shipping insurance - wire transfer / ACH preferred. Package Includes: ARRI Alexa Mini Body (ARRIRAW, 4:3, HS License) ARRI Viewfinder MVF-1 (Amira / Alexa Mini) ALEXA Mini to MVF-1 Cable (29”) Alexa Mini PL LDS Mount (LBUS) Alexa Mini EF Mount Tilta Left Side Arm / Right Side Arm 15mm LWS Base Plate 15mm LWS Top Rod Adapter Long Top Plate + Power Pass Through Bottom Cheese Plate Gold Mount Battery Plate Battery Extension Bracket Battery Plate 15mm LWS Rod Adapter Tilta Top Handle Tilta · 19mm Studio · Bridge Plate Dovetail · 12”, ARRI Style, Tilta Mini Viewfinder Bracket Viewfinder Cross Pipe 6-Pin 2B LEMO to 4-Pin XLR Power Cable (10’) 7-Pin EXT to 7-Pin EXT Run/Stop Cable (6") (2x) 15mm Rods (5”) - Aluminum (2x) 15mm Rods (16”) - Aluminum (2x) 19mm Rods (9”) - Aluminum Antenna for ALEXA Mini SanDisk USB Thumb Drive Alexa Mini Right Angle D-Tap Cable (6x) SanDisk 256GB CFast Cards CFast Card Reader Wooden Camera Alexa Mini A-Box Tilta Universal Quick Release Shoulder Pad Kit Tilta Top Power Connection Module for Arri Alexa Mini Rig Tilta Advanced Battery Power Life Display with Digital Voltage Meter
  2. Looking for an ARRI Alexa Mini Cage (V-Mount or Gold Mount) Or Trade for a full Tilta Cage Package (Gold Mount) plus cash. Thanks!
  3. Looking to buy the following Lomo Anamorphic lenses! Please message me if you’re interested in selling one! Lomo Round Front Anamorphic - 35mm BAS Lomo Square Front Anamorphic - 50mm BAS Lomo Square Front Anamorphic - 80mm BAS
  4. Please email info@greenwoodcine.com or DM for photos/purchase requests https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-0Gq3Nb68pClo-H7LIwQYwrMBfnk6tooAUb_q-vamvs/edit?usp=sharing
  5. Got an Alexa XT 4:3 with 2400 hours based in NYC
  6. ARRI ALEXA XT PLUS 4:3 FULL PACKAGE (Open Gate includes Codex XR Media Mags, EVF, Reader, More) S/N 8580 FS: Alexa XT Camera Package (Hours: Between 1000 and 2000 - will update on exact hours when returns from ARRI Blauvelt) Licenses: ARRIRAW, 16:9, 4:3 License Super Speed and Open Gate License High Speed License Media: (2) Codex 512GB Capture Drives XR (1) Codex USB 3.0 Capture Drive Dock Components: (2) Codex ARRI BPA-13 Bridge Plate Adapter, ARRI Bridge Plate Adapter, ARRI ALEXA Center Camera Handle, ARRI ALEXA Electronic Viewfinder EVF-1, ARRI Viewfinder Mounting Bracket (Tube), Anton Bauer Gold Mount Plate, ARRI Viewfinder Cross Pipe, ARRI Wedge Adapter WA-1, ARRI LB-1 Leveling Block, ARRI Alexa Shoulder Pad, ARRI ALEXA Cable 5P-XLR-M TO (Y) 2x3P-XLR-F, (1) 2-Pin ARRI Fischer to XLR Power Cable (3) EVF Cables, (2) 19mm 18" Metal Rods, (2) 15mm 12" Metal Rods, Tilta 12" ARRI Style Dovetail, ARRI EVF Extender, ALEXA XT Custom Case Price: $14,500
  7. Is this still available? What kind of Super 16mm lenses are you selling? Mark I or Mark II? How much?
  8. I've got one for sale that I will ship for free to Europe from NY. TV Logic 056W
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