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  1. Got an Alexa XT 4:3 with 2400 hours based in NYC
  2. ARRI ALEXA XT PLUS 4:3 FULL PACKAGE (Open Gate includes Codex XR Media Mags, EVF, Reader, More) S/N 8580 FS: Alexa XT Camera Package (Hours: Between 1000 and 2000 - will update on exact hours when returns from ARRI Blauvelt) Licenses: ARRIRAW, 16:9, 4:3 License Super Speed and Open Gate License High Speed License Media: (2) Codex 512GB Capture Drives XR (1) Codex USB 3.0 Capture Drive Dock Components: (2) Codex ARRI BPA-13 Bridge Plate Adapter, ARRI Bridge Plate Adapter, ARRI ALEXA Center Camera Handle, ARRI ALEXA Electronic Viewfinder EVF-1, ARRI Viewfinder Mounting Brack
  3. Is this still available? What kind of Super 16mm lenses are you selling? Mark I or Mark II? How much?
  4. I've got one for sale that I will ship for free to Europe from NY. TV Logic 056W
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