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  1. Hello once again everyone! Hope you're all good and keeping warm! Sorry for the repetition, but once again...anyone at all may I ask?? ?
  2. Hello again everyone! Hope you've ha a good weekend! Sorry for the repetition, but once again...anyone at all may I ask?? ?
  3. Sorry for the repetition, but once again...anyone at all may I ask?? ?
  4. Hi everyone. The PM fell through. ? So once again, anyone at all may I ask? ?
  5. Kodak Vision3 250D 16mm 100ft: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174851513732 Kodak Vision3 50D 16mm 100ft: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174851513947 Kodak Vision3 500T 16mm 100ft: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174851514524 Kodak Double-X 16mm 100ft: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174851514700 Kodak Vision3 500T 16mm 400ft: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174853989482
  6. Kodak Vision3 250D 16mm 100ft: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174851513732 Kodak Vision3 50D 16mm 100ft: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174851513947 Kodak Vision3 500T 16mm 100ft: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174851514524 Kodak Double-X 16mm 100ft: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174851514700
  7. Hi everyone, New to this Marketplace and I know this might be a stretch but I'm after a Beaulieu SuperDrive SD8/60. This is how one looks like (there are very little images around): I have been trying to ages to find one of these but I just cannot thus I would try my luck here. Sincerely look forward hearing back from you all! :)
  8. Thank you very much for that incredibly informative post, it was really helpful! I do find that they are kinda rare and expensive at the same time, but I REALLY do like to try one out, therefore that is why I am asking here if anyone might've had one? I was really hoping to borrow it so I can trial it myself before committing to purchasing one. Unlike your experience, mine with a Beaulieu 6008S and Kodak Vision3 cartridges has resulted in pretty unstable footage. The shakiness and microjitters interfere in resolving detail properly (or sharpness), so I wanted to try and rectify that. Anyone might have one? Or yourself Martin by any chance?? :)
  9. Hi guys, Hope everyone is staying safe during these times. Sorry for bringing such an old thread back up, but I was wondering, does anyone still have one of these by any chance??? :)
  10. Hi guys, Sorry for bumping this thread up, but this was the closest to what I had in mind. That's probably the only real-life review I've seen from anyone who's directly experienced it, so really appreciate you sharing your thoughts about it! I was wondering, do you still have the plate? Have you used it recently?? I know this might be a bit straight forward, but I was really hoping to ask of a BIG favour from you. But more importantly, hope you (and everyone here is staying safe and sound! ?
  11. Sorry for bringing this old thread up again, but does anyone know if one could potentially hack or mod the L-758D/R to behave like the Cine version? Like a firmware upgrade perhaps?? :)
  12. I think one of the reason why there wasn't that much takers to begin with was because the price was just a bit too high, if ti was on the more affordable range of a high-end DSLR camera then I'm sure people would be shelling out and I would've gotten the camera sooner! I mean the whole new Kodak Super 8 camera does genuinely make me happy, it still lack a lot of the more modern and professional features that the Logmar has, and the fact that the creators are in communication with the community things can be done to the camera to people's liking, only making it a much better camera, if not it can still be better! If anything I think the Kodak Super 8 camera should be more of a motivation for them to continue as it offers choices to the people: Kodak Super8 camera = Amateur, home-movie shooting Logmar Super8 camera = Professionalism The prices between the two will obviously inform people subconsciously what each camera is capable of, but since now only one remains in the market (and not the one I would shell money for) is a REAAALLL let down and I cannot continue my investigations with the film format, nor does it encourage those who want to take film more seriously. I thought this was the start of something new and great when I discovered this a couple years ago. Apparently they are in the process of designing a 65mm film camera, that takes a lot of balls, and I'm sure it would require more resources financially to continue such a project, selling more Logmar Super 8 cameras would rectify this problem :) Also, what do you think are the chances of them lending me their design so I can produce a one-off camera for myself? :D Haven't they thought of out-sourcing this as well??
  13. Yeah i saw that and i cant believe it! This isn't what (from what i remember) part of their plan. Wasn't suppose to be that they would make these cameras based off their pre-order system?? At the time when they were accepting orders there was no way i could've afford one of these (and still cant) but i hoped it would've gotten cheaper as time went by. Now that im somewhat working and doing jobs here and there i was now initially planning to save up for one of these. Now is this not a possibility anymore??? Ahem......as you can see, im clearly upset about this :(
  14. When will you start releasing the Logmar Super 8 camera again? I really want tot buy one still! :(
  15. Hmmm, probably what I said here was a bit too much for people to respond? :D
  16. Wouldn't you say that this would be the equivalent to attaching an APS-C lens onto a Full Frame SLR body??? I was having a bit of a hard time understanding that table, however if you say that is the case, then how would one optically and physically design the focal reducer to retain the native image circle??? Also, just this Sunday I finally managed to watch SPECTRE at the BFI IMAX (largest screen in the UK), and I can safely say that I absolutely loved it! It is a "Spectrecular" film, a very strong opening and finally blending traditional Bond into the modern era. In my honest opinion, I would say it is better than Skyfall. I can go on about the tech side of things, the cinematography is superb and truly shows that 35mm can still its own, Howeveeerrr...the image quality (projected 2K) looked horrendous (exaggerating)! I took a very close look inspecting certain areas of the film and I can almost be so sure that somesort of DNR process was applied to reduce the grain, because it certainly not looking natural onscreen, it was almost as if it was blending in subtly (not a good job). I could be wrong, but this is where I think things take a bit of a turn, the Arri Alexa 65 footage did actually stick out a bit like a sore thumb, I'm sorry but I was able to notice (despite the low resolution projected) the change in image quality, things just looked a tad bit sharper and to be quite frank didn't really impress me at all. I still argue after watching the film that a Vision3 500T wide open would've done the job! Even with some soft lighting techniques done off-screen would've not been distracting and would probably enhance the visual quality as well. I dont know...I'm not the processional here but the grain in the majority of the film shots simply didn't look as it is was resolved properly during transfer and somesort of DNR applied to hide the resulting artifacts from a 2K scan. At least 4K or 6K the print and downsize it! :(
  17. But isn't this where you would use a lens with a larger or double the originally intended focal length??
  18. Actually no, was talking about your standard and anamorphic lenses you use for 35mm cameras (like the Arriflex 435). so what I was trying to say was, if one was to use a focal reducer (a Speed Booster like you've mentioned) specifically made to bring focal lengths down by 0.5x which technically becomes half the original focal length, another benefit to this (which is why I brought this up in the first place) is the fact it is able to transmit light through the lens by 2-stops (at that particular focal reducer)! Therefore...if a DOP was to originally use a 50mm T1.4 cine lens on a 35mm film camera, this would effectively become a 25mm T0.7 lens with the focal reducer applied. The same would go for if a 25mm lens was used which would then become a 12.5mm lens. Of course something that wide would look unnatural, thus if you want to retain the 25mm wide-angle look but with the focal reducer one would have to then use a 50mm lens because that would become a 25mm with a focal reducer and with 2-stop of exposure gained. Does this all make sense??? :D
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