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  1. As spencer said, I've only heard the city names in reference to the orientation of the Box. And as stated previously, the references change based on where you are. In San Francisco, we've worked in San Francisco due to it's hills. So LA is flat, New York is on Tall ways, and SF is on it's side. I've usually heard First position, second position, and 3rd position more frequently, first being flat, 2nd on it's side, 3rd tall ways. More often than not though the need is obvious and you'll just call for the apple by size, eg. full or quarter, or just say 1/8th apple flat, or full apple on it's side.
  2. Hey Travis, I've used the Dana Dolly a lot, it's great, fast to set up and break down. Works great with a couple of low boys and speed rail, or throw the speed rail on the ground or apple boxes if you need to get really low. It does work with curved track. It's great in that it's light too, easy to move around and reset. Though, that's also it's draw back. It's sometimes hard to feather the moves due to it's light weight nature, sometimes it helps to add weight to smooth out changes in speed.
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