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  1. For sale: very rare Canon 6.6-66mm T2.7 super-16 zoom lens. This was the 3d and last generation of S16 zoom made by Canon. It replaced the Canon 7-63mm and 8-64mm wide angle lenses. This kind of lens was used to film The Hurt Locker. Excellent condition. Used on one documentary project. For sale for 5500 euro. (a great deal. there was a similar lens listed here on cinematography.com this past summer selling for 7900 usd)
  2. yes the lens is still available! thanks. petr.
  3. FOR SALE: CANON 6.6-66 super 16 ZOOM PL mount lens Excellent condition. Bought it like new on cinematography.com three years ago. Used it for one documentary project (centerscanwith F5 - beautiful results.) No longer using it so it is time for it to find a new home. 5000 euro. Lens is in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Can ship anywhere as long as you pay for freight costs. contact: petr@lomfilms.com
  4. For sale: Sennheiser MKH416 P48 shotgun microphone excellent condition. microphone located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 500 euro
  5. VOCAS professional accessories for SONY FS5: for sale as a package: 600 euro. (new value: 1000 euro.) -PL mount adapter 0900-0016 (new 519 euro) -cheese plate bracket (for pl mount adapter) 0900-0026 (new 115 euro) -top cheese plate 0350-1375 (new 187 euro) -handgrip rosette adapter 0390-0170 (new 151 euro) -rosette body adapter 03900-0700 (new 65 euro) also selling sony fs5 (very low hours 5 x 10) - see my separate add -if you are interested in a package offer of camera + accessories please let me know.
  6. For sale: sony pxw-fs5. Excellent condition Very low hours: 5 x 10 hours. Camera is in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Purchased at VOCAS in Hilversum - on 12-09-2016 - sony 2 year warranty lasts until 12-09-2018. Comes with battery, charger and original box. Also comes with smallrig topplate and sideplate, smallrig lcd screen clamp adapter. 3500 euro. Can also include VOCAS PL mount adapter, VOCAS pl mount clamp, VOCAS top plate, VOCAS handgrip rosette adapter for additional price - see my separate advertisement - or send a note if you are interested in the whole package.
  7. for sale: new condition (used twice) VEYDRA mini prime 25mm T2.2 e-mount lens Great lens. small and light. 700 USD. you can also contact me at: petr@lomfilms.com 700 USD.
  8. hi teresa - the 4k upgrade costs 995 USD - i discount that for you. the new price for the charger + 2 batteries is 1800 USD (bhphoto). so i take 3000 dollars off for you. i was asking 13500 USD (12 000 euro) i will sell it to you for 10500 USD. i am traveling to the US tomorrow - so if you are serious, we should make the deal, as i could take the camera with me and save you international shipping. petr.
  9. hi teresa - no the camera does not have the 4k upgrade. i can discount this from the price for you if you are seriously interested. all best, petr.
  10. Hi there - am selling my sony f5 kit. it has a sony extended warranty until 2018 low hours (214H). one owner. never rented. comes with: DVL-F350 LCD viewfinder BCL-90 battery charger 2 x BP-FL75 FL batteries 128 SXS card SBACUS30 SxS USB memory card reader/writer VCT-ASF5 sony shoulder mount LC55CZ hard case also includes vocas top cheese plate and side cheese plate/VF protector and camerade rain slicker camera purchased from ABEL cine in january 2014. Has extended SONY warranty that expires on 24/02/2018 price: 12 000 EURO. camera is in Amsterdam, the netherlands.
  11. For sale: my Canon 8-64 T2.4 super 16 zoom. I have been using this lens with my sony f-5 (it gives you 35 mm equivalent of 16-128 in centerscan mode.) Selling because I have bought a newer canon 6.6-66. Great lens, privately owned, well maintained and in excellent condition. Lens has been professionally checked at Vocas (Netherlands dealer) this week. 2800 euro. Lens is in Amsterdam. You can contact me at: petr@lomfilms.com
  12. hi there - am interested in your lens. can you tell me where you are located? i am in amsterdam. (ideally i would fly over and test out the lens.) and what is your best price for the lens? i have a canon 8-64 zoom that i use on my sony f5 in the centerscan mode. but it is unusably soft on the wider end. i wanted to ask you how much better/sharper is the 6.6 zoom. thanks a lot.... petr. my email: petr@lomfilms.com
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