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  1. Du-All camera in NYC does this kind of conversion (m42 to Arri Bayonet) on the K3. I've talked to them about it a few months ago.
  2. I've been using Black Promist for years now. Mostly the #1/4 and #1/8. Sometimes the #1/2. Big fan. I use them for my stills as well. I also use the Tiffen Smoke filter sometimes (#2 and #3). And I've been recently experimenting with nets and Classic Soft.
  3. This is from a feature I'm shooting right now. I used a very fine black veil material, similar to the one posted by Mr. Mullen on the first post. I used it in front of the lens.
  4. I've shot a lot with black promist in the last two years (motion and stills) and now I've been experimenting with nets and classic soft.
  5. Thanks, I actually added a bit of contrast to these stills, the final DCP version that we screened last year had similar contrast to this version you saw on Vimeo (by the way, I'm visiting your country in a few days).
  6. Thanks guys for your comments! I'm working on a feature now, as soon as I got something to show, I'll post some screen caps here. Cheers. Thanks Samuel!
  7. My contribution to the topic. Most of this stuff was shot on a Sony a7s mkii with old Canon FD lenses. Also used Black Promist in some of these shots:
  8. Thanks, I tested different grain patterns from Cinegrain but I decided to go with their Kodak 5217. I think the problem is that I shouldn't have uploaded this version to Vimeo. I'm not very technical but I read somewhere (maybe from you) that the compression they use in sites like Youtube and Vimeo doesn't work well with grain (and noise). This version was for festivals only (withoutabox screener, etc) which in the end turned out to be a major disappointment :-) But we had a screening of this film in a local theater a few months ago (2K projection, DCP) and the owner of the place let me watch it two days before (so in case of any problem, I could make last minute adjustments). I was a bit worried about how the grain would look on the big screen and even considered changing it to a finer grain pattern but at least to my eyes, it looked great, less "distracting" than in this version you saw on Vimeo so I decided not to change anything. I didn't noticed anything with the highlights though but now that you mentioned it, I'll take a closer look. Thanks again!
  9. Hi all, I just wanted to share with you a short film I directed called "The Man Who Knew Too Little". This is a detective type story inspired by an old TV show called "The Alfred Hitchcock Presents" (I'm a huge fan of that show). This was my first short and I shot this over a period of two years actually, lots of problems but we finally got it made. It's about 20 minutes long but I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to criticize, comment, etc. Available for download at https://vimeo.com/173146424 IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5861838
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