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  1. Im willing to buy the package over the holiday break. Is it still available?
  2. @Mark Dunn Interestingly enough , just like most in the science community, no one wants to confirm the claims of others and everyone is dogmatic about trivial things - like camera equipment. If you had taken me up on this trivial task you wouldn’t be so high strung about an object. But I understand if you don’t have the tools to make measurements or are stuck to certain forms of belief about camera equipment. The reality is that this claim you are making is a about a standard for SLR still bodies that didn’t come along until years after this camera was made.... If you stop and think about it for a second it’s completely logical that this camera could have a different FFD. But instead you’d rather take shots at a stranger on the internet. Good luck in cinema.
  3. Thanks for the opinions @Ruben Arce . Thumbs up. Any information on mount changing? Also if you pull out your K3 and measure with a ruler you will find the FFD isn’t the same as m42 stills. So I would be careful making claims with mount evidence or documentation. Have a great day.
  4. @Will Montgomery do you have any footage to share? I’d be interested in seeing some if you do. If not I understand. The footage from the film posted by someone else was shot entirely slightly out of focus. I was wondering if that had something to do with the FFD.
  5. My apologies if anyone felt offended some of the replies assumed I didn’t understand or take the time and effort to try and solve this myself before asking. I’m sorry about the peanut gallery joke I thought it was funny but it wasn’t. I do appreciate all of the genuine responses. I didn’t mean to offend anyone.
  6. @Dom Jaeger Two things: 1. This post was a question about changing the mount type and not about the physics of different lenses (most on this forum can’t handle that). Therefore, unless you know how to get the specifications on a lens design you shouldn’t try and tackle that. The documentation is public on the internet go and find it for yourself. I’m not doing it for you - sorry not trying to be rude but that is what this thread is trying to accomplish. I’ve said that several times. Re read or TL;DR 2. I specifically asked for advice from people who have shot with using still m42 mount lenses themselves and not the peanut gallery. Sad to say that’s all I have gotten. I’ve read a bunch about it yet have seen sub par information so I haven’t been convinced. We all know how to google so you sending me random links is irrelevant to everything I’ve stated on this thread. I’m not trying to be rude but let’s both be honest I’ve done the homework on that. good luck in cinema friend
  7. @Dom Jaeger the listed FFD for the lens which comes with the K3 is different than what is listed for the Pentax Lenses. By about 5mm. What you are saying may be true for SLRs but .... physics is physics and these are optics. Had I not done the research what you are saying would be true but the documentation speaks for itself. I’m not making this up out of thin air I promise you. This is why I posted it on the forum in the first place. Simply because I had thought about it so much that I needed a second opinion. If you don’t believe me find a lenses with an m42 Mount (for SLRs) check the FFD then check the FFD for the Russian camera. Sometimes things aren’t as cut and dry as we read them on the internet. The FFDs are different. I was posting to see if anyone has had luck with mount changing. I wasn’t trying to prove something as simple as fact checking FFDs of different lens between SLRs and Cinema cameras. I apologize for my long winded response but these are the physical facts.
  8. @Mark Dunn If you took physics and read manuals you would know two things: the formulas I posted as a picture in the reply and that each lens has a FFD. Have you ever wondered why mount converters have different depths ? It’s because different lenses have different FFDs and the design is a compensation for the difference in FFDs. Duh. In fact if you think I’m joking or being rude like you are you should take an optics class and talk with me about it after. Think about what you type after you see this reply. Don’t assume I’m dumb.
  9. Hey @Ryan Glover, I just recently bought a K3 and I am trying to get the mount changed. How or where did you go to get the mount changed? I was looking everywhere and couldn't find anything.
  10. @Will Montgomery Hey Will, You are right Pentax Super Takumar lenses are great. Do you have experience with this camera (K-3)? I am asking because even though it has an M42 mount it is far more technical than that. The Flange Focal distance from the mount to the film is about an inch. Most 35 mm cameras with a m42 mount type have a different distances for the image to be in focus (flange focal distance). Meaning, Unless someone has actual used a still lens on this camera, developed film, and then seen the results I cannot assume that option works. Do you have experience shooting with still lenses on this camera?
  11. @Nicholas Kovats i just realized you sent the wrong mount converter. Please re read my post again as you responded too fast. I’m looking to convert to bayonet FROM m42. I’m wondering if I can find a good conversion from someone that has ACTUALLY done it. Recommendations from people with no experience doing it doesn’t really help. Thanks though.
  12. @Nicholas Kovats Do you mean the camera would consistently jam film and you can’t film? What do you mean by that? Would you not recommend using this camera?
  13. Question 1: Is there a way to change the mount type on a K-3? I’m looking to change it to the bayonet mount without anything crazy needed. I am aware there are 3 party mount conversions but they are cheap and I don’t want something temporary or just plain weak. I’m asking because some of the K-3 where made with a bayonet mount but I recently just bought one with a m42. I’m looking to use ARRI Zeiss glass from the 70s on the K-3 with bayonet mounts. Just wondering if anyone has found a solution to converting the mount. I’m also looking for suggestions into mount conversions for modern lens mounts IF you know of them working yourself DIRECTLY. I have seen YouTube videos of some stuff but nothing decent enough that I’m convinced it is a good solution. Question 1 follow up: If you have had a K-3 and used other lenses besides the stock zoom: Was the lens appropriately distanced from the film so that the focus was accurate? Meaning: the focal point of the lens of your lens (m42 mount which wasn’t the stock lens) was correct such that the image produced from the lens was entire in focus without any modification to the body of the K-3. Please list your setup if you have used this camera with another m42 mount lens and it worked.
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