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  1. man jyou just gave me what I wanted to read! I was thinking on gci but what I didn't like was that the number of classes wer so few, and I mean like one level is in 2 weeks... its not that I don't trust them but I like more the idea that one course will take more than just one day or a few hours. Thank you very much!
  2. hey guys, I would like to know if any of you have been on any of this places? Global Cinematography institute or Maine Media. Though MM is like 16k but 8 week including lodging and meals and well the 12 week is like 18k... but is it good? Then there is GCI in Hollywood... 3 sesions... like ammm the first 2 levels are like 8k without lodging and well forget bout meals... but where would you go? If you see the schedule of both I think that MM has better and a full time and a full program, but the GCI has some new stuff like 3d, gamming etc... where would you recommend to go? I just want to be better dp and learn more, this kind of courses don't exist in mexico...
  3. Hey again, sorry I was out of battery. thanks all of you for your answers I really love this blog because you can be in contact with more people working and doing stuff. Well... What I want is the HMI to be comming from the window doing sun beams to the backs of this people but I want the light to have nice and clar sun beams and I want them to be warm, .. so, wouln't a tungsten be just fine? well thats why I want to bounse another light in to fill the characters.
  4. hey Thanks! thats amazing! grate picture! cant wait to end this project! and share some stills. so the ARRI 4000 watts hmi reflector par lite would be the one? If i take 2 poket 400w what do you think? mostly I wont be as opened as you are on your pic, there are no "full shots" mostly they are from midium shot to close up. I think as the 400w hmi joker I could do it... hope hahahaha daaaaamn or at least a 800w and another one to bounce it. im using a dolly, some 24mm, 35mm, 50mm. so this guys are old and they take some virtual reality helmets and then they enjoy the ride to the past as this helmets recreate their life when they were 19 year old. so for the interiors when they are old... I think I can be safe with 800w joker hmi at least at a distance of 40 feet to get at least F2.8... so if I use the slog and it gives me a "ISO 2000" then I think it should be fine right? hope I am hahahaha. so if I do the formula with ISO 2000 it says that I need 4.9 FC to light it right if I do it with ISO 400 I need 25 FC... and a distance of 45 feet... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! damn thanks for your time Satsuki
  5. Hey people, Currently Im working in a project for a little ad where we will make up some boys to make them old, and the maine light I would like to use is some HMI, the camera that we will be using is the FS700 with odyssey at 4k and slog with ISO 2000 FS700 4k SLOG ISO: 2000 fps: 60 fps LENS: f= 2.8 SO here is what I want to ask... so I use the EXPOSEUR FORMULAS for almost everything I do even when i do phantom and they seem to work perfectly but I want to make a look like this... http://images.nationalgeographic.com/wpf/media-live/photos/000/259/cache/canal-st-martin-paris-gahan_25999_600x450.jpg and well this is what I will use hope I do it right! because I can't practice before so if you guys can help me I would like to know what do you think of my setup. it will be a small scene but I want to make the light come from the windows and bouncing from the inside to have a well balanced scene. I would use a HAZE ROSCO machine and put one HMI 200W PAR from the outside and another HMI inside bouncing on the cieling so I can have both of this guys lighted well, they will always be seated and close to each other. : THIS IS WHAT IM TAKING WITH ME.. -HAZE ROSCO -2 200W PAR LIGHT HMI -silk and bouncing suface. I want the scene to be warm, so the beam lights would look like sun beams touching the place. I would ask also for a PROMIST FILTER 1/4 but i don't think we will be able to rent it, I will be also doing some other works but this is the first one and i would like if there is something i'm missing. so my calculations say that I need 24.5 fc to light this scene using a 400 ISO, so I can put the par light at 24 feet from my subjetcs, so I can have a beam of 24.6 feet. If I use the SLOG I would be ISO 2000 as there is nothing less than that when you are using SLOG... so the calculation says that I need 4.9 fc but I will be using an ND FILTER I think 9 nd would be nice... so I can make it to 2.8 that is what I want to use.
  6. thanks... don't know if there are any cinematographers from mexico others than me but it would be good to find more, but anyway thanks, I will continue participating in other topics.
  7. cinematographer on mexico city, I would like to travel all the world and just film...

  8. yeah of course joung ones need to know how to desing their light. I use for example. E=25fe2/S(T) 25 are the frames... f= t stops or f stops.... s = iso t= 1/50 if its video... for films... E= 1250fe2/s 1250 ... try imagine what does that means.... f = stops on the lens... s = iso.... for example... if you have a tungsten arri 650 w... (we know 650 is the consumption) not how may foot candles per square meter does it delivers... but as I know it delivers round 52800 fc LETS know how may foot candles do we need for a ISO/ASA 100 at 1/50 at 2.0 using the first equation... E= 25(4.0)/2 = 100/2 = 50 FC we need to expose that iso with that speed and that t-stops... so now that we know that... what else do we need? lets put the 650w from arri... to know how much distance do you need the 650 to deliver 50fc we use the next equation... I= E/De2 I= 52800/32 = 52800/1024 = 51 fc... so you need to put that 650 at a distance of 32 feet ... use the data sheet of the light companies... or use this... http://calc.arri.de/calculator
  9. Hey Osman, geetings from Mexico City, I'd love to help on your film.
  10. use the arri interactive interface... set the viewfinder to rec.709 and internal or external to log c.
  11. it says that for simplified for shooting at 24fp with a sutter angle of 172.8º. which gives an effective exposure of 1/50s. E=(1250)f^2/s so, then... thats just only one equation... there is one for exposure using extension tubes or bellows... △=(d+F)^2/F^2 A=Exposure multiplier d= lenght of extension tube or bellows F= lens focal length in a 3 inch lens is moved 150mm further from the film plane by a bellows. the exposure time before the lens was moved was 1/48s. what is the new exposure time?
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