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  1. Hi guys I'm selling of my Super16 lenses (9.5mm, 16mm & 25mm), they are in great shape with both feet/meter on the focus-scale, they are all PL converted the lenses are T1.2 (although it says 1.3 on the iris-ring) No fungus or scratches, only normal sign of use Price: well i tried to find other adds on eBay and other forums, but found only a few and there the lenses was listed for around 2500 Euro each, but I'm up for reasonable offers i also have a clip-on matte box (chrozhiel) and loads of 4x4 filters that i used with this lenses, and a black magic pocket with PL-adapter and cage i planning to sell aswell I'm located in Gothenburg (Sweden) and can ship almost everywhere, but buyer pays the shipping cost
  2. I was asking for 8000 euro but can go down a bit
  3. Hi all i have some gear i don't need and thinking of selling for other investments first up: Steadicam package 1 pelivcase for sled and bag for arm and vest Sachtler Artemis EFP HD 1,5" 2 section post, transvideo monitor, tally system, 4 x blue shape batteries + 2 blue shape 2 slots chargers, Tiffen G50x arm, Tiffen ultra vest, docking bracket and lots of cables and stuff 18000 Euro + shipping second up: Arri 416 plus package - 2 cases camerabody 3 x 400feet mag 3 x batteries 2 x groundglass (2:35 and 16:9) cables and other accessories Price: 9000 Euro + shipping everything is located in North sweden but can be brought to stockholm or Gothenburg, for pictures and more information contact me:) everything are in great shape
  4. i have a couple of these follow focus gears for Chrosziel follow focus, they are unused, some are same and there is both pitch size for both tv and flm. they are located in sweden, but i can ship almost anywhere. Price: gibe me an offer
  5. Hi i have a question, this gears which brand are they for? I've tried them on my Arri MFF-1 and some works and some don't.
  6. Hi i had couple of hundreds of these neat clamps made, and i dont need all of them, so if someone is interested in buying some just let me know these are really nice clamps to have, a great accessory when rigging camera, they are not as strong as griphead but is a great addition when gripheads are to big, they are made of aluminium with strong bolts, the bolts are in metric, the bolt in the pictures is swapped to a black much harder bolt. for me when im rigging the camera on to different wehicles this is a great tool. i have my own kit of 5/8 speedrail and use these together with the clamps. Price: i was thinking about 16€ each but when mying more then 10 the price is lower
  7. hey they had one Arri LWS-3 but do they send outside uk? cheers
  8. John I'm based in northern sweden:) but cheers man i will check it out
  9. the light weight rod for SRII I've searched for at Ebay but there is none
  10. hi I'm looking for some stuff for my SRII I'm looking for light weight rods you put in the front of the camera also looking for a lightweight clip on mattebox // Sebastian
  11. Hi im gonna do a documentary in china next year on S16 film, my first plan was to bring all filmstock from Europe but regarding to x-rays and all that maybe its better to buy the filmstock in china and then also develop and scan it there, so can someone recommend a good developer in Beijing? and where to get filmstock? / Sebastian
  12. hi Dom i just want to say i love you and I'm gonna marry you:) it finally worked, super mega thanx, i thought it was something like that but i didn't think about trying with the green one cheers
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