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  1. Hi, sorry for the late reply. I had problems logging in. It's sold. Thanks!
  2. Hi Alex, I'm sorry for the really late reply… unfortunately I forgot what cable I used and I no longer have the camera. Hope you found out anyway! Take care/Kalle
  3. Hi, It's kind of a long story… but this is the second copy of this wonderful lens that I own and now need to sell. I really think it has a magic look and that it's also great since it's so compact. Made for Super16 cameras. In PL mount. The lens is in good condition and the mechanics are smooth. The front and back element has some tiny marks but given it's age it's still good. Comes in custom flight case. Asking 2800€ + shipping. Located in Stockholm , Sweden Thanks/Kalle
  4. Hi, Selling a Kinoptik 9mm f1.5 lens for Super16 in PL mount. Good condition on both optics and mechanics. Looking to get 1000€ including shipping. There's one on Ebay now for 1999 US dollars. I bought it together with other stuff in a package deal and got two of it. The other one has bad mechanics but works so I'm considering keeping that to free up some money. Located in Stockholm, Sweden but will ship world wide if needed. I'll gladly answer any questions and send pictures. Thanks/Kalle
  5. Hi, I tried to make a reel with things I'd like to shoot more of and with a "style" I personally enjoy. My hope is that that could potentially lead to more jobs that suits my preferences. I mostly shoot tv-shows but would love to shoot more nature, drama and documentaries. So almost none of my typical work is included. It's getting a bit old now... Next one will include more analog s16 shots since I'd love to shoot it more! Don't know if this is a useful strategy but that's what I hoped for. I also put some slow motion in there since it's been popular and some famous Swedish people to show I'm at a level where they let me close, haha! Hope I could give you some ideas by sharing my thoughts, there are many more experienced people on this forum.
  6. Hi all, After some confusion while selling the lens on commission it's now available again if anyone is interested.
  7. Hi, Aimimage in UK have some used ones: http://www.aimimage.com/category/kit-for-sale/film-accessories-sale/page/2/
  8. Still available. New price 1300euro
  9. Still available. Forgot to mention it's pl-mount.
  10. Hi, I'm selling a lovely 50mm Zeiss Superspeed mkII for Super16. I have tested it on a Sony F3 and it does cover that sensor also! This is the hardest to find of the Super Speeds. The 9,5mm-25mm are more common individually and in kits. Condition is great for its age. Some paint loss on the barrel and some traces from mounting on the very edge of the back element. Focus and iris is really smooth. Lens was checked for collimation last year. Here's a test I did with the lens a couple of years ago: Located in Sweden but I will ship worldwide (but Europe preferred). Price is 1400€. Thanks! Kalle
  11. Hi Marcel, Sorry to hear that the film didn't happen. If anyone wants to see the samples I sent you of a Cooke 10.4-52 on a Arri 416, feel free to show them. For anyone interested I can really recommend this lens! I also have it and really love the look. Also very handy size. Good luck! Kalle
  12. Ok, I've managed to ship it finally. It's clear to me that these rules are not well known yet and it's hard to get straight answers. I finally contacted DGM, Dangerous Goods Management who actually do this all the time. Just brought the cases and they handled it all and booked the FedEx shipping. I left one battery on the camera and two batteries well packed in the same case. Put a IATA Lithium Ion label on and signed a "Shipper Confirmation for Excepted Lithium Batteries. The class for my batteries and shipping is UN3481 and Section II of Pl 966. Don't apply this to your shipping if you're not sure it's right… sender has legal responsibility to follow IATA rules and I guess the potential for trouble is big... Hand cranked camera next? :)
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