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  1. Ok, no. I never said TV or office jobs were beneath me. I simply said I preferred something in the film industry, specifically production because that's what I like the most. You all say it's nearly impossible to get there, OK, I get it. I asked for everyone's advice because I had no clue if it was possible. Now I will start looking at different things for my internship. Anyways, don't say I'm downgrading TV/office people, because I know they've worked pretty hard over the years to get to where they are. Goodbye.
  2. Thanks Bill, can't argue that. I'm not so sure about it right now but I have a few months to think this over. Anyway your suggestion is highly appreciated.
  3. Yeah, that might be a nice choice as well after all, bet I could learn a lot there too. Thanks for all the advice Tyler
  4. I've been brought back to reality haha, thank you. I know it was too much to ask, but thanks to you guys I've understood a little better how the industry works. And you hit the jackpot regarding what I meant with TV. It was sitcoms and that kind of stuff I don't like. Now I know film and some TV series are shot in a similar way nowadays. I've shot a couple of films recently, however I need to get an internship in order to graduate, and I just would like to work in something that actually has something to do with being around cameras, busy people, talent, sets, etc. because I know I can learn a lot there. And I'm aware TV can offer me that as well. Thanks for your interest, I would not like to get discouraged about doing what I love. Have a nice day
  5. After reading the other guys' replies I realized that the tiny industry in my country works in a totally different way than Hollywood, I wasn't aware it was THAT hard. Anyway you could've been a little nicer from the beginning, and I could've replied more politely as well. I didn't get your PS, because Canada actually offers thousands of scholarships in every field of study for Guatemalans (Vancouver Film School is an example), and so does the US, the UK and many other countries, especially in Europe. Many people have the chance to study/work/do internships abroad, trust me. I don't know if you've been here, but we're a pretty cool country, and there are lots of beautiful places yet to be filmed. I have hopes because the industry is rising, but it's still pretty weak.
  6. Thanks Miguel Angel, that was a pretty nice approach. I guess the main reason I prefer film over TV is because of the (sometimes) much deeper content that you see on screen, talking about composition, colors, angles, etc. things you can't constantly do in TV. But you guys all have a point now, TV could be as interesting as Cinema. I just guess I used to think about TV as a set with studio cameras and fixed lighting. Now I see I could learn a lot from working on a TV show and probably will start looking for internships there and also at rental houses (I didn't know it could become so interesting there!) Congrats for your work!
  7. Thank you, I will take your advice into account. I know getting into the industry might take a long time and everything, I just thought there was a chance of getting lucky and making it into a large film, maybe someone around here started that way and had some tips for me. Now I've learned it's not that simple. Thanks for explaining it to me. I will surely check the other opportunities then.
  8. Hey 'R' I'm not in high school, I wish they assigned us cool projects like an internship back then. There's a saying in my country (I don't know if they use it in your country), but here we do: if you don't have anything nice to say, then better don't say it at all. Regarding your offer, I will politely decline it, because I think I can do better. Also, didn't you think for a second that I asked for an internship in the film industry just because I prefer film over TV? I'm sorry you have a boring job. D
  9. Thanks Brian, I'm gonna check it out.
  10. Thanks Tyler, that was really helpful. I didn't write that well all along (sorry, English is not my native language). I know I won't get to be part of the camera crew or anything, I was just wondering if there was any chance to be a runner or someone who gets a little closer to the camera people, because that's my area of interest. The idea of hanging out with the camera crew is pretty good btw. I did check television but honestly I'm not so into it. I mean, there are obviously lots of things and people to learn from, but I'd rather see how things are done on a film set. Thank you!
  11. Just my humble opinion, First things first. I would suggest you don't buy a MiniDV camera right now. HD technology has changed substantially pretty fast, so go for a digital format, SDs and CF cards are much better/cheaper. They will save you some trouble/give you better quality image. (if it's your intention to buy a MiniDV then don't mind me). Picking a camera is complicated, there are many things you have to consider (format, compression, sensor size, low-light performance, ease of use, etc it all depends on you). However, for the price you're saying, I'd say two pretty nice/versatile HD camcorders are the Canon HF G20, and the XA 20 (this one's a little over your budget though, but it's newer, has better audio quality, and a slightly better chip). These cameras feature: small size good quality HD image 10x zoom extra batteries can be bought cheap if you're planning to shoot for long periods take two SD cards, so you don't have to be changing constantly 32gb internal memory (don't rely only on this though) microphone input (the XA supports XLRs) Nice LCD/electronic viewfinder Nice focus ring You can shoot 24, 30, 60p Just remember these are prosumer camcorders, if you want something professional, I'd say you'd have to go for at least $1500 Best of luck!
  12. That's a cool reel. Nice to know there are more young cinematographers around here. I would suggest you change from 'director of photography' to 'cinematographer' (I think it looks cooler, although both are correct) at the beginning, and maybe include the date of your reel as well. Keep up with the good work!
  13. Hey guys, I hope this is the right category to post this. Next year (june) I'm required to get an internship in order to graduate from film school. However, I'd like to get one in another country (US, Canada, UK mainly) because we don't have too much of an industry here. My dream internship would be to get into a major studio (Universal, WB, Pinewood...). I'll take any job, especially something that has to do with the camera department. I want to be on a film crew (no TV series, office jobs) preferably of a big, blockbuster film. I want my name to appear somewhere in the big screen. The only problem is I don't know where to start. I've checked their internships/opportunities but nothing seems clear enough. Also, some studios don't offer jobs as a crew member, as they say each film's producers hire their own crew. It would be highly appreciated if anyone could give me tips on how to get in a studio, or accept me into your next film's crew ;) haha
  14. You're right, it could be a waterproof case, but it makes me wonder because the camera is already mounted, and the head looks awfully big compared to the crane.
  15. So I found a russian arm vehicle on Instagram, but there's a front housing and I'm guessing it's for an HMI or something. I've never seen something like it before on a car. If anyone knows please let me know. P.D. I asked the page but they never answered. https://www.instagram.com/p/BEBlAW-FPxZ/?taken-by=griprigs
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