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  1. Studio Fresnel will have a yoke on it. To convert to put on a stand you'll need one of these http://www.bhphotovideo.com/images/images345x345/124760.jpg
  2. Whether or not it has any impact on you at all is iirrelevant , it won't affect the quality (or lack of) that you produce
  3. Perhaps this one David http://cgi.ebay.com/Geared-Head-ARRI-RED-K...1QQcmdZViewItem
  4. Going to miss you John, Welcome back real soon
  5. Thanks for both suggestions. That last link John (both the URL you pated in and also the homepage) I get a "You are not authorized to view this page"
  6. Perhaps a stupid qestion but on an exterior shoot, are there any ways of getting rid off or limiting them ? Can be a real pain, especially near water on a late day
  7. Hi Bernie, Followed your guidance and tested the motor and it was stopping at more or less the same place (within an arc of perhaps 8 degrees). So tried what you suggested (but with a bit of masking tape as no shrink tubing on hand) and it parks every time now on mirror position. Off now to try and find some shrink tubing. Really appreciate you taking the time to help and many many thanks
  8. Thanks Olex. So a motor malfunction rather than a camera one
  9. Tim Terner

    NPR Problem

    The stopping positon after a take is not always in the mirror position. (probably 50 percent of the time). The motor obviously has a park position that should be on the mirror position as when inching forward manually it takes you to the same position it had before. I've tried taking the motor off and inching to the centre of the mirror position (which it will do with the motor removed), replacing the motor and trying again, but same 50% of the time parking on mirror position and 50% not. Bloody frustrating as the motor has to be taken off every time to manually centre the mirror to get to a 'focusing position' Any suggestions ?
  10. I'll second David's opinion. Also the website looks great too
  11. Given the budget restrictions I'd consider a wheelchair. Also there are lot of plans on the internet (with a google search) for making your own dolly and track
  12. Just so happened to be in a watering hole tonight watching a quite large LCD from about 40 feet and the footage looked remarkably good, anyone know what camera and lenses they're using on this show ?
  13. I copied this from a post a while back (posted by Max Jacoby), hope it helps "Angénieux Optimo zooms only have 6 straight iris blades (you can see that very well in American Gangster, which is a mix of Optimos and Cooke S4s and it very easy to tell which is shot on what). Zeiss Superspeeds have 7 iris blades (except for the MK1s, the very first version, which only had 3, giving it the ugliest bokeh ever) Cooke S4s,have 8 blades which are bend inwards. Zeiss Master Primes have 9 curved blades, so that even when stopped down, the highlights still look quite round. Zeiss Ultra Primes have 9 or more straight blades (the longer lenses have more I'm told, but I haven't checked yet which lenses exactly) Primos have 11 bent iris blades. They have a similar shape to the Cookes, but because there are more, it is less annoying. I think there might be some wider Primos that have 10 blades, but once again I haven't checked it yet. Zeiss Standards have 6 iris blades Most modern films are shot on either Cooke S4s, Primos or Zeiss lenses. Since the bokeh of Primos and S4s is very distinctive, one can usually conclude that if it is absent, a Zeiss lens was used"
  14. Glen, whilst much in awe of your expertise in Teutonic linguistics, I think it would be more appropiate on this forum to keep to English, so that the monolinguals amongst us might possibly learn something of benefit
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