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  1. That's excellent Michael. I just watched a couple but I'll go back through. Great resource.
  2. Thank Michael. This is helpful. Locking the shutter rate makes sense.
  3. I am coming to cinematography from photography and I am looking to learn as much as I can. Besides actually shooting with it or getting on a set that is shooting film are there any good resources out there to learn some of the basics? I've tried googling but the term "film" typically just leads to tutorials about filmmaking or breakdowns of films. I'm looking for something specific to shooting on film.
  4. Looks great! Are you shooting 180 degree shutter the whole time? Just curious...I shoot 180 a lot and feel like I get too much motion blur. This video seems to have just the right amount. Cheers!
  5. Thanks Robert. I'll check that out. I'm feeling like MoCo isn't necessary but this is still good to keep in my back pocket.
  6. We do have a prep day and will shoot a test there. Unfortunately I'm in a small market and the dolly is coming with the gaffer and isn't available before hand. We have a motorized option available should the dolly not work. We will be using skypanels for the overhead now and they will be on the dimmer board. Just haven't sorted out the light we will use for the sun. The rental shop only has small tungsten lights which is why I'm leaning to the HMI. Tungsten was my original thought. I don't think they have an LED that's powerful enough either but still working on that. Ideally all th
  7. I don't need each shot to match. Since this will be one take that gets used we will just be looking for the best take. I'm going to propose we do shoot some cut aways too just so they have option in the edit. Thanks JD. That's how I was feeling about it but just wanted confirmation..
  8. I'm doing a shoot in a couple of weeks where there will be a lighting change during a timelapse shot. Camera will dolly around the subject and the shot will be sped up in post to create the timelapse. So for the lighting the director wants to start out with a sunny look, then go to overcast (not too dark though), then to overcast with rain (again not too dark, more like a spring shower), the finish back at sunny. Now I have a pretty good idea of how to do it with an unlimited budget but that's not the situation. I have about $3500 total for G&E and we are shooting on a stage with
  9. I have a shoot coming up where the director wants to do a timelapse of a brick wall being built. It's a pretty tight shot but he wants a lot of movement (probably close to 90 degree turn). We will be shooting on a stage with a green screen and there will be a lighting change going from sunny to overcast to rain to sunny again. Now we aren't going to be building an entire wall just a small section. The director's plan is to have the builder work for about 10 or 15 minutes while the camera dollies on a curve around him and the lighting change happens. The camera will be moving very slowly
  10. Nevermind. Shoot changed. No longer need to be on water.
  11. Not sure if this is best forum to post in or not. I'm looking for a tank similar to the Blue Sky parking lot at Paramount but in Florida. http://www.paramountstudios.com/stages-backlots/blue-sky-tank.html
  12. Looking for references for an upcoming shoot. Looking for something shot on a cyc that does some cool color changes. Like white cyc to blue or red.
  13. Kessler's Second Shoot is good for lighter camera packages. They also make a system called CineDrive for heavier builds. We own a Second Shoot for timelapse and it works great. I would imagine it would handle push in and pull out shots well if using a DSLR or similar weight camera. http://www.kesslercrane.com/motion-control
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