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  1. @Mark Kenfield before HMI and LED lights how did you handle the mix color of tungsten and daylight? Off Topic I'm going to try your mobile umbrella book light contraption, with my tota lights! Tota output 750watts. Looks like you used westcott 7ft umbrella with a 2k. Any other tips to avoid melting, the umbrella? All safety tips are appreciated!!
  2. @Joshua Cadmium Have you used the Dichroic Glass Filters? Reviews seem to be mixed.
  3. I created a post "Help with Photometric". The Answers in that post and my needs/wants ruled out Aputure Lights.
  4. Update: In large open room with plenty of daylight, my plan is to use and manipulate the natural light, by using reflectors to light the subject. Depending on the look, I might use a tungsten/daylight balanced dedolight as a hair/kicker light, bounced fill from a reflector under camera position, etc. Currently using a Tota light in 40x40 softbox as key light. In room(s), with closed curtains. By adding dedolights, I looking to go from a 1 light setup to 3 light setup. I also like the precision focusing of the dedolight for still life photography. They've been on my wish list for years, and the current sale makes them affordable. The HMI/LED versions are out of my price range. Thank You to everyone for replying.
  5. @David Mullen ASC This is a small one person crew, I'm only looking to light one person for Interviews or Short Narratives Shots. If a Daylight Conversion filter is used, I know I'll lose one stop of light. The Dedolights are just for Fill, Hair/Background and Kicker light. I should still have plenty of light to work with. I'm using bounce light, when dealing with rooms that have lots on natural light. Unless I'm confused, these are 120v lights, I shouldn't have issues with blowing fuses. Are my thoughts on how this works wrong? Larry
  6. Hey, I want to purchase a set Dedolights DLH4 along with some Lightstream Reflectors. I like the versatility of these lights, wanted to know from industry professionals if Tungsten lights are on the way out, in favor of Bi-Color LED lights? Silly question are Tungsten Bulbs on the way out? Energy Department Prolong Lives of Incandescent Light Bulbs. If so do you think a replacement Bulb will take its place? Larry
  7. @Satsuki Murashige Well again, I wouldn't use any interview light at 2' from the subject and wouldn't recommend that you base your calculations on that, as it's just not a realistic working distance for most interviews. You might want to check the photometric tables for those lights at 6' and see if they'll still work for you. Thank You for the reference images. I going to check the photometric data, and do a little more research. Again Thank You.
  8. @Gabriel Devereux "need to output at least 100 foot candles at 2ft, to be useable in any interviewing set up." I'd recommend something a little higher. With your Nikon be sure to test! I say this as when I owned (now) relatively old DSLR's anything over 200 ISO I considered too noisy. Do some tests rating your camera at different ISO's and choose one you consider acceptable. I'm just using the rule of 100 foot candles at 2ft 100 ASA as a tool for researching. Testing the ISO is a good idea! Thank You Again for your answers.
  9. Thank You @Gabriel Devereux I appreciate you taking the time to provide explain the light lost with the diffusion. That really helped me understand light output. Thank You again @Satsuki Murashige for your time and in-depth answers. No go on the Skypanel. I don't own any Lights at the moment. Using a DSLR Nikon D750, I think I can go up to 800 ASA/ISO(still researching that). I was comparing different lights, looking to see what would be a good fit. I pick a Fstop of 5.6, cause I want to avoid purchasing anything that was limited to just Fstop 2.8, better yet 100 Foot Candle. The photometric are from the Kino Flo freestyle 31 510 foot candles at 2ft and the Kino Flo Celeb 401 858 and 401Q 1058 Foot candles at 2ft. All these models have front diffusion built in. I've never worked with any kind of panel light, I guessing you don't need the extra diffusion. At 400ASA/ISO that the two of you have recommended the Freestyle would be a good fit for interviews and the Celeb's would be over kill. And any lights I end up purchasing need to output at least 100 foot candles at 2ft, to be useable in any interviewing set up. Thank You Both.
  10. Thank You Satsuki, I was checking to see if I my calculations were correct. I'm looking at 3 different soft light open face light panels. The smaller version has 510 foot candles at 2ft, with a diffusion panel the light lost would be 1 to 2 stops. And I want the ability to keep my Fstop at 5.6, after doing the math I think the larger version at 1058 foot candles at 2ft would be a better fit. Would I end up around 400 foot candles, if I was using the larger version? Using this for talking head interviews. Thanks
  11. I've read a few forum post about foot candles. Looking for a little help to see if I'm on the correct path. Quote from David Mullen ASC different post. 100 foot-candles = f/2.8 (at 24 fps / 180 degree shutter) at 100 ASA. Remembering that will make it easier to break down photometric data on lamps. Every f-stop number is the double or the half the number two stops over, i.e. f/1.4 to f/2.8 is a two-stop jump. f/2 to f/4 is a two-stop jump. Sunny 16 rule, that the exposure is f/16 when the shutter time value under 1/ is the same as the ASA, so 1/50 at 50 ASA = f/16 if shooting under direct sun on a clear day. My Question 400 Foot candles at 100 ASA = F5.6, this would include any diffusion place into front of the light. No matter if its 2ft or 20ft, F5.6 needs 400 foot candles from the light source? A fill light would require 200 foot candles? Thanks
  12. https://aladdin-lights.com/fabric-lite200/ or https://www.fjwestcott.com/flex-cine-dmx-bi-color-mat-1-light-set-2-x-2 The Price Point of each is about the same, the technical spec are kind of close. Westcott has a IP 64 rating, no IP rating listed for the Aladdin. The Aladdin is a 3x3 while the Westcott is a 2x2. Westcott seems to have more light modifiers and accessories. That's all I could find. After reading a "youtube" comment in which the author said Aladdin made the Westcott system, I started to wonder if this was true. I've seen plenty of led panels list for sale, with a quarter of the price for each, in similar sizes. YouTube channel Indy Mogul did a review, which they tested the Westcott led panel against 2 other cheaper brands, even suggested that people purchase the cheaper brands. My thoughts are you paying extra for the Westcott IP Rating, and the full range of light modifiers and accessories. My original question is who is the original, and who is the knock off?
  13. Jan, Thank you for replying. The C100mk2 is also on my wish list. Why do you think it's a better fit? Are the video files easily editable with Premiere Pro? Do you currently create work with this camera?
  14. I had this ENG on my wishlist, the current sales price makes this a good entry level camera for me. I'm looking to create short video documentaries, and social media videos. I can't afford anything above this price level. I'm currently using a DSLR to experiment with video along with gopro action camera. I have a few small business owners that are interested in me recording events, parties, meeting etc for their clients. I know this would be able to handle those request, the cameras is almost 10 years old. If you don't mind check out the specs and giving me your honest opinion, I would love the feedback before I purchase. I only have until 12/31 to decide. Thank You
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