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  1. Bolex hard metal case , good condition. BOLEX ALUMINUM PADDED ORIGINAL H16 REFLEX CAMERA FLIGHT TRAVEL CARRY CASE CLEAN Items on photo are not included, but can be sold separately 400$ + 50$ shipping
  2. I meant a tiny chunk of paint. the whole camera does not see the point of painting from the very beginning. Just the state of the camera is very good, but unfortunately there was a breakdown of the paint.
  3. Gentlemen! who owns information about how arry paints his cameras? I'm curious about the dot under the camera's arri sr3. Is there any information?
  4. Bump 1300 euro + best offer!
  5. This is Russion analog of Sachtler Studio. load up to 60 kilograms, 7-step counterbalance, Aluminum stand. mint condition without lyuwts pic up in the Moscow, I can send to all over the world 2500 EURO
  6. Colleagues, I thought and decided that I would leave this camera to myself .. When I was helped in this forum to find the documents, it seems to me that I should not give up, but continue and make new electronics for this camera :)
  7. This is AKS-4 with lens. The lens in good condition, but camera need service . 800$
  8. Wow! This is one of the best Soviet lenses for 16mm. Maybe it covers super 16 and even on wide corners
  9. Colleagues, it's probably strange, but I'm looking for new original screws as an attachment. I hope for your help!
  10. Hello! The battery from another kit, it is generally better to buy any other new one. The camera works comfortably with 12v and 1.5 amperes. A set of two cassettes of 120m, but there it perfectly climbs and 150m. Compendium, and other commutation. All this in two boxes.
  11. I sell the pearl of my collection. This is already a rare version of a unique camera. Luxurious set with three cassettes 120 meters. The device is working. the price of 5000 euros, I can discuss, but if it does not, I will not worry)
  12. Hi guys! I will sell my favorite from Soviet 16mm movie cameras. Very rare movie camera, with low noise. A beautiful working set with an OPF lens. For the price I want 2000 euros, but I'll listen to your offer!
  13. The price is reduced. 2000 $ + commission. without cases
  14. A large box is a branded case. The handle on the photo is screwed to the bottom of the device. If you want to buy together with a grip and a box, I can sell for $ 1900, on my side there will still be bonuses
  15. Dear friends, I am sorry to part with this camera - but it is necessary! This tool Kingsman. The kit includes a body, an objective (it is capable of 5-), and a motor with 25 FPS The camera needs love, care and work. I checked the motor - it works, but I did not do any footage from this camera. but I do not think that something is wrong with her. I want for her $ 1200, but without a cassette and a bottom handle. Although this is also debatable. http://dom2.tw/ http://dom2.tw/ http://dom2.tw/
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