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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking to buy up as many Sony mini dv tapes as I can get my hands on. I prefer the "Premium" or "Excellence" packaging. Please send me a message if you can help me out. Thanks! - Hunter
  2. Thanks Evan. I appreciate the kind words as well as the sound advice. Hope to work together in the future! - Hunter
  3. These lenses are discontinued on B&H so I'm hoping to find used. Thanks! - Hunter
  4. Hey Ruden. Thanks for the information. I've found a contact for Bernie but I can't seem to locate George Odell if you wouldn't mind sending me a message. You'll have to let me know how your camera performs but I'm going to definitely go forward on these conversions. Appreciate the response. - Hunter
  5. Hello there. I have a Canon Scoopic 16 M and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with "upgrading" these camera to an Ultra 16mm gate or crystal sync conversion. Is there anyone currently doing these mods or am I better off trying to find an already modified camera. Thanks. - Hunter
  6. Hello. I recently purchased a sony dsr 200a video camera. Having shot on mini dv before I am familiar with capturing footage via firewire but unfortunately the port doesn't seem to be working as my editing software doesn't recognize a camera being connected. The camera shoots on dv tapes (the large ones, not mini) and I do not have any other means of transferring the footage onto my computer for editing. I have seen the analog to digital converters but I am concerned about quality loss. Anyone have any experience with this format? Thanks! - Hunter
  7. Hey there! Check out vx1000market on instagram or their website www.vx1000market.com They sell really clean and often refurbished vx1000's! - Hunter O'Shea
  8. I'll be very excited to see this work completed Tyler. Feels like a story that needs to be told and so far the footage I have seen looks FANTASTIC! - Hunter
  9. Hi Ryan! Hope you find what you're looking for :) Maybe Tyler Purcell can help you out! http://www.cinematography.com/index.php?showuser=30872 - Hunter
  10. I saw a digital screening of Mid90s and going into I knew it was 1.33 but afterwards I heard a couple people mention they thought there was something wrong with the projector (haha) . The grain structure looked nice on the dcp and in some scenes there were very prevalent film scratches that I personally loved but I have never seen anything to that degree left in and not cleaned up in post. I did see a pre screening so I don't know if anyone else saw this. I'm referring to the scene where the kids are sitting on the couch in the skate shop talking for the first time.
  11. Honestly the 70mm screening was wonderful. The presentation was romantic and the texture/detail was stunning. Obliviously my best Phantom Thread experience ( I also saw it on another occasion accompanied by Johnny Greenwood's score LIVE! ) Having said that, the digital showings were great as well but having seen it on 70mm I felt slightly gypped. I would like to add I did see The Master many times projected digitally and when I finally had the chance to see a 70mm print, the last reel was lost so they had to switch to a digital dcp and the difference was NIGHT and DAY.
  12. Had the chance to see this multiple times on dcp and made a trip to LA to see it on 70mm at the ArcLight. Even got to meet PTA! I believe the entire film is shot on 500T. Gorgeous film. Definitely my favorite of 2017.
  13. Very nice work. The super 16 was gorgeous and I applaud all the effort that went into that short film! - Hunter
  14. Very nice and sharp. Dig the grade as well. Good work!
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