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  1. Selling a used Canon 1DX Mk 2 kit Pickup in NYC preferred but will ship within CONUS. Buyer pays shipping + PayPal fees. Includes: Camera Body, Dual Bay Charger, 3 x Original LP-E19 Batteries, 1 x Hawk-Woods LP-E19 - D Tap Dummy Battery Asking for $3,100 OBO Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/yg7yoiziy6hjb57/AAAF73qF93wPlWUIFRRAw-5Da?dl=0
  2. For sale are 2 x Canon C300 Mk 1 kits. Located in New York City. Pickup preferred. Shipping within CONUS only, buyer pays shipping & PayPal fees. Both kits include: Camera Body, Monitor Unit, Top Handle, AC Adapter, Battery Charger, 1 x BP955, 3 x BP975 Asking for $2,000 each or $3,800 for both. Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bo04n47kmljzd46/AAAGYBZPZmSKyN_ZaXnLRURUa?dl=0
  3. For sale are 2 x Canon C300 Mk 2 kits. Located in New York City. Pickup preferred. Shipping within CONUS only, buyer pays shipping & PayPal fees. Kit 1: Camera Body, Top LCD Monitor Panel w/ Original Cable, Dual Bay Charger, AC Adapter, Zacuto Top Helmet Kit, 1 x Canon BP-A30, AB Mount Battery Backplate Condition: 7/10 Notes: Serviced by Canon USA in Feb 2020 and kept in storage since. Original top handle not included (replaced with Zacuto Top Helmet Kit) Asking Price: $5,400 OBO Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bo04n47kmljzd46/AAAGYBZPZmSKyN_ZaXnLRURUa?dl=0
  4. Hi lighting experts! Thanks for always being so generous with your knowledge and experience on this forum and I've learnt so much from all of you. I have a shoot coming up for which I would like to get your help in reviewing my lighting plan. The concept is to have atheletes in motion against an infinite black background as in the first couple attached images (IMG 7502 and IMG 7504) I've only ever done infinite black shoots in a blackout studio but due to production constraints this will have to be done on location - a multi sports hall and a air rifle range (IMG 7500 is the
  5. Hey again! I'm looking to shoot a short film this coming April and, being as inexperienced with lighting as I am but faced with a really ambitious (at least for me) lighting setup, I was hoping to consult the expert advice of you amazing people on the forums for some advice and help. 1. Most of the film will be set in an abstract black space (blackout studio) and while the studio I've gotten has got white floors, I'm looking to cover that with black duvetyn cloth / black bedsheets - would this work? Here's what the studio looks like: https://www.dropbox.com/s/okuqt7sr8c8iov3/12
  6. Wow! Thanks David both for being so quick and for your advice! I was also thinking of using a circular polariser but would definitely need to do some tests for that. Like you said, polarisers require specific angles and I won't have the luxury of being in a controlled studio environment - will be shooting on a public street and into an actual store. This, and the fact that I'm looking to add some camera movement in the shot makes it all really complicated! Will definitely have to keep that point about having dark backgrounds in mind since it'll be a day scene (and unfortunately, in the
  7. Hi Cinematographers, I am looking to shoot a short film soon and there's a particular scene involving glass and reflections which I need your expert help and advise for. Basically, it's a handheld/slider shot looking through a shop window. However, what I am trying to achieve is a focus-pull of sorts where initially we are able to see through the glass and into the store, and after the pull, we see the actors as they look through the glass. Appreciate any help and advice you have in terms of how I might achieve this! Best, Jason
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