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  1. My calculation on an old Spectra Pro was more like f/8 1/3 --- I know this is an old post, but I was looking for some other stuff on FC and ISO and stumbled across this one!
  2. I have found that using the tape stock that is manufactured by the same company that made the camera gives the best results. Ergo, Panasonic stock in the Varicam
  3. I follow this guideline... MiniDV tapes: Pana tapes use dry lube whereas Sony tapes use a wet lube, they should not be interchanged within the camera. Ergo, I use the tape made by the camera manufacturer. I do the same with the SDX900 taperesources.com has great prices and good delivery.
  4. Gregory Andracke

    Slo Mo

    Any thoughts on frame rate for the final sequence in the Natural? you can view it at www.stitch.net/natural thanks in advance... Gregory Andracke
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