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  1. My son and I saw it yesterday in IMAX digital. As much as I hate how IMAX has diluted their brand, I must say, it looked very good. The recently rediscovered 65MM footage looks amazing. It seems to be mostly used in the prep, launch and recovery footage. Truly beautiful. The score and sound design and editing really elevate this above your average documentary using archive footage. I highly recommend seeing it n the cinema.
  2. Broadchurch Series 3 is going out as we speak, and they're doing the 2:1 thing. It was shot with Cooke Anamorphic/i lenses : http://www.creativeplanetnetwork.com/thewire/cooke-anamorphici-lenses-bring-cinematic-look-broadchurch-series-3/617738 It looks quite lovely.
  3. Reading the recent Columbo thread piqued my interest in 30p. Anyone know which if any television series that were shot on film were also shot at 30p instead of 24p? In the 90's, for some reason, I was convinced that most or all American sitcoms that were shot on film (Seinfeld, Friends, etc.) were also shot 30p. Though looking back now, that seems to be wrong.
  4. Interestingly, the BBC's War & Peace from last year was shot largely with anamorphics with a plan to crop to 16x9 for broadcast. I seem to recall reading that they wanted the character of the anamorphic lenses without actually planning to use the entire frame. I'm actually surprised that isn't done more often. In a similar vein, several years ago, the "failed" BBC scifi series Outcasts was shot anamorphic on the Arri D21, which I think was the only digital cinema camera at the time to offer a 4:3 sensor to take advantage of 2x anamorphics. I think the producers wanted to broadcast in 2.39.1, but the BBC said no. They did however let them use the full 2.39 frame for the "next time" trailers! At the time, they claimed they were the first ever use of anamorphics for a TV production. Just like War & Peace a few years later, the production team still wanted the other benefits of the anamorphic lenses, even if they were going to throw some of the image on the sides away: http://www.definitionmagazine.com/journal/2011/2/10/bbcs-outcasts-get-anamorphic-shooting-but-not-broadcast.html
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