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  1. I am interested if there is any around in good shape at reasonable price. www.kafardfilms.fr
  2. Hi. We have many in stock here. We are located in Paris France. Please make a proposal at contact@filmantiq.com Thanks Paul
  3. Hi Nicolo. We have 435 and Arricam 3P for rent in Paris if you need. www.filmantiq.com Best. Paul
  4. Hi. Looking badly for a receiver for the BOLT 500 system or Sidekick. Thanks for any help. Paul FILMANTIQ PARIS
  5. Hello. I'm gonna add my experience to this, here in France, no more Fuji can be processed since two years now. Beware when you shoot tests on the first 100ft of a 400ft roll, the remjet in that part of the roll will sometimes not be a problem, but the problem occurs later on the roll, the closer you get to the core and the highest chance you will have remjet problems. We have done tones of tests in our lab here since we had feature films productions buying big stocks of Fuji for cheap. Best result was by pushing temperature in the baths at one point that the gelatin of the film became very fragile. In that case, all the remjet went off. But that is playing with fire when you are handling the footage of a proper production, so please no Fuji, I know that's sad, but its like that ... PA
  6. Hello . I'm looking for these lenses. Please send me a MP if any around. Thanks. Paul-Anthony
  7. For sale very nice Kinoptik 9.8MM in PL mount. Original Arri STD mount. Everything runs smooth, i've made the inside of the lense repainted black a year ago. Please feel free if you have any questions. 2300€ in Paris France. No paypal, wire transfert only, and safe shipping provided. Paul-Anthony PHOTO 1 PHOTO 2 PHOTO 3
  8. Hi guys. Just discoverd this thread, thanks a lot Matej for your kind messages. We are having lots of demands for processing and scanning these last years, we just purchased the new LaserGraphics scanstation with the new sony 6.5K sensor. The dynamic of this sensor makes it to be one of the best on the market right now. We also provide 4K scans now for 16mm. We deliver worldwide and fast ftp transfers, lots of demand in Europe, we just opened also our camera rental company in association with Danny Van Deventer from Amsterdam. Keep shooting film, especially with those amazing scans we can have now !
  9. Hi. I still have 2 available. Cheers. P.A
  10. Hi. I'm selling my beloved Angénieux zoom 20-120 in perfect shape. Beautiful vintage zoom with a unique look. contact me at contact@kafardfilms.fr located in Paris france - price 4000€ below footage shot with this lens.
  11. Hi guys, thanks for your answers. I would prefer shooting 2302 black and white then 2383 color. So if I understand, there is no problem processing 2302 in ECN-2 ? It will not pollute the baths ? The film can be bleached, It does not really matter, I want it to be as simple as possible for the lab and me. Thanks.
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