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mothco HD assist for 16mm camera


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editing post cause I mis read that you want it for super 16.

I have one of these on my 435, and its exceptionally low latency and Im quite happy with it. Its perfectly fine to operate off of, and much lower latency than my SR3 VP IVS replacement tap (which I am not comfortable operating off of). the Mothco at least for the 435 can be operated off of, and Im fairly sure Oli using the same camera for all of his taps. 

Its not as good as an indie assist or Andree's camera he has for the 435 and SR3 elbow optic color and DR wise, but if what you need is HD for gauging focus remotely and/or making everyone less anxious I think its a good tap

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Thanks so much for your replies.

I cannot find any contact, or technical informations on their website. Do you have an email contact or a link to technical brochures ?


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