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  1. Thank you for your response. I got it working by buying a new motor. Glad you have been able to use yours.
  2. Hello everyone, I recently purchased this Bolex Single Frame Unit-3. Unfortunately it does not work and a service technician I brought it to was unable to repair it. I wanted to ask if anyone has any experience working with one of these or motor like this that would work on the EBM? What would you recommend using for someone interested in doing time lapse animation, single frame or stop motion on an EBM? I would be interested in buying another Single Frame Unit-3 or a motor system that would work with my EBM if anyone happens to have one for sale also. Thank you all for the help! Happy shooting.
  3. Hello, I am inquiring if anyone has a JK 13x super 16mm viewfinder for my Bolex H16 EBM they would be willing to sell? Link: http://www.jkcamera.com/Super16.htm Thank you.
  4. Hello, I am in the market for a Canon 1014 XL-S with the Max8 wide screen modification. The modification was done by Pro8mm however the service representative unfortunately has passed away. I own a Canon 1014 XL-S now however it is not modified to do Max8. If anyone has one they are willing to rent, trade or sell please get in touch. Thank you.
  5. Thank you very much for your response Richard Tuohy! I want to ask you more about the re-exposure part because that is where I may have messed up. What exactly are you supposed to do? Perhaps I did use the wrong chemical, I followed the instructions given in the kit. I just can't figure out where I went wrong I am going to the lab today to try again. Thank you!
  6. Hello everybody. My name is Rogers and this is my first time posting on Cinematography.com Today for a school project I attempted developing Kodak Tri-X 7266 with a Fomapan R100 Kit in a lomo tank. I followed the instructions yet the project did not work well. It appears as if the whole emulsion was removed from the base of the film leaving it clear. My problem is I can't figure out at what step this happened. Would someone have any information on what could have caused this to happen? Perhaps it was during bleaching something went wrong? Also, it would be nice to understand the re-exposure part a little bit more. This was my first time so I was expecting some chaos. Thank for reading my post and to anyone who can spare some info!
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