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  1. The flicker issue is probably due to the synch between the film projector and the video camera. When capturing the same reel frame by frame, it goes away. So since the film is negative, I assume I need to leave it longer in the developing bath? I left it 5 minutes in the D76, and 5 minutes in the fix.
  2. Hi folks! I started to shoot some footage with my Krasnogorsk-3 16mm camera. I'm also processing my film stock at home in a Jobo tank. I see some weird results, I'd like the veterans on this board to take a look and tell mw what could be the cause of this. I think it is a bad processing, maybe caused by the fact I'm using Kodak chemicals to process ORWO film stock. Is there anything I need to adjust? Maybe longer or shorter time in the developer bath? The film is negative UN54, I reversed it in post. In the samples, I know the frame rate is wrong and there's a flickering, I'm still
  3. Wow Wittner Kinotechnik sure is expensive... But it's brand new so I guess it's the normal price. I bought my 7" split reel off Ebay for $25. Not new but in perfect working condition! :rolleyes:
  4. Correct. Though I think film is not really more expensive than digital when it comes to filmmaking. But that must have been discussed and debated over and over in other forum's treads! :D
  5. I did check with a short length of re-spooled film, how it will line up in the camera, and noticed I'd need to spool twice to have it correct. Thanks for pointing it out! I just bought off Ebay one of those "Split reel" so next week I should be all set. I don't know if I will be repeating this process until I get familiar enough so I do it right off the core, but until then, I know it will be easy with the split reel. Thanks for your input!!
  6. Learning curve, learning curve!! OK here's where I stand. Tonight I attempted to re-spool a 400 ft onto the 3.5" 100 ft spool using Craig rewinds. First thing I noticed once I open in the dark the brand new 400 ft can: the film is on a core. Don't laugh, I'm new to this! :D I was pretty disappointed and tried to figure how I can work it out. I ended up putting back the 400 ft in its light tight can. I'm missing something, some sort of reel I can open and load the core into, and mount it on the rewinds. Now my question is: where do I find these reels to load the core? I looked on E
  7. OK so I headed to Ebay, and ordered a basic Craig rewinds. I should have the pair in hands next week! I'll wind my own 100ft spools... and try to roll the spool in the right direction. Out of curiosity, what does it do if it's not rolled in the right direction? Like, if the film's base is out, facing the lens, and emulsion is 'inside'...? I suspect it gives a ghosty image, soft focus and hazy edges, something like that? sv
  8. Good to know! Thanks! sv
  9. Do rewinds measure the length of film? Of you just fill the target spool with a random length and it doesn't have to be exactly 100'?
  10. Is there on the market some sort of film dispenser, allowing us to keep large spools of 2000' film stock, and transfer lengths of 100 ft on a smaller spool for shooting? Occasionally I see good deals on larger film cans but my camera only use 100 ft spools so I was wondering if there's a way I could buy these large reels, and conveniently transfer on 100ft spools. sv
  11. I was a bit sckeptical about the K-3 I've seen that were modified for Super 16, with recentered lens. I mean, it's probably well done by someone who knows how to modify these things, but I always feel it's better to keep a device just like it's been manufactured, in the original assembly chain. So when I bought my Krasnogorsk-3 on Ebay, I picked a 'regular' 16mm camera, with a 1.33 frame aspect ratio. Instead, I purchased a Lomo anamorphic adapter, that will squeeze the image in a 2:1 ratio. And 230$ seems a little bit too much, I got mine for 199$, including shipping from Ukraine to C
  12. Very interesting input from members, about the Krasnogorsk-3. I've bought one myself earlier this year, and I'm going to be testing it in a few days. To save costs (because I'm expecting to waste a few reels in the beginning) I plan on developing black and white home made. I purchased off Ebay a Lomo tank and toy around with that for a while. I'll keep you folks updated on my experiments. Will definitely need your advice as I learn the ropes of shooting 16mm! sv
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